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We had Far Cry about the tower and Africa, was a Far Cry about the tower and a tropical island, then Far Cry about the tower and Tibet. Now there is a Far Cry about the fires and the CRO-magnons.
Ten thousand years BC. Across the plains of Central Europe running around half-naked cavemen and all kinds of prehistoric fauna. The main character Thakkar to the beginning of the game for a long time travels with relatives in search of the Urus, the cherished land, where his tribe winga will find peace and shelter and food (what more could you need?). But during a routine hunt goes awry, and the Urus Thakkar travels alone to find there a game from Ubisoft.
Native tribe scattered around the world (need to save), Urus divided the two militant tribe (necessary to win, capturing “the tower”-fires), and the Thakkar should rise from rags to riches and become the rightful leader of his people.
Ice age
Primal is based on the same rules as the previous two (and sometimes three), Far Cry, and in relation to narrative structure and sense of progress it’s almost a complete carbon copy of the fourth part. We arrive in a new unknown world torn by war, carry out orders and gradually of beggar become a hero to the people. Toward the middle the storyline splits in two, but Primal options are not mutually exclusive, unlike Far Cry 4 where one way was forced to give up the other.
If in the last part of Ubisoft created at least an imaginary feeling that your choice makes a difference, everything can be blamed on one simple fact — we have prehistoric era, animal instincts and barely originated the community-based system of morality in such a world there are no jobs. And it’s even better, because the primitive loop “to kill a goat, eat a goat, wrapped in skin, sleep, kill the enemy” on which to build the game removes many of the restrictions and allows you to destroy, shred and tear into pieces without a twinge of conscience. Besides the choice of the primitive scenery of the world let Ubisoft throw away the process of transformation of the protagonist from a frightened tourist in Rambo is the main character initially is well able to hunt and gather food and to kill.
Rock carvings in the Urus are very frequent.
Have not gone away episodes with the use of “substances”: use potions Thakkar sent to the spirit world, to learn new skills.
Exploration of the owl — a great way to develop a plan of attack on an enemy settlement.
These three things in Primal you have to deal with constantly. Resource extraction is critical because each of the three consumable types of weapons — a club, a spear, arrows, you need to make from wood, stones and animal skins. The first few hours it gives a fresh feeling, like the physics of melee (with a run to stick a spear in someone between the eyes is just amazing), but then hunting and gathering rapidly become a chore, and the battle turned into a championship speed waving a stick. Remains one thought: “Oh, my God, die you all hurry up, please.”
After sunset Urus changes: bloom certain types of flowers, nocturnal animals appear.
Stone age
Community development organized in the form of basic urban simulation and is also tied to the collection of resources. You find on the map a “specialist” — a hardened hunter, magician, miner, and later in the same spirit, doing his job, and in gratitude he joins the tribe. You build him a house, and he discovers new talents and gadgets.
For example, an eccentric shaman, teaches Takara to tame wild animals and to call on owl, acting on the principle of the drone (only owl still hoots): it marks enemies, throws homemade bombs, swoops down and rips the target with claws. However, these abilities make sense only on higher difficulty levels and towards the end, when enemies significantly more and life becomes harder.
More on the Urus wander stray from their friendly vinga. If it is time to help, they also return to “base” and join the community. The more a tribe of people, the more resources Thakkar receives each day, but to sense from it a little — everything you need is not so difficult to get.
All the characters speak in a fictional prehistoric language, and it sounds terribly impressive.
In the North there is the real Skyrim, not to stiffen, you need to regularly build a fire and get warm.
Primal landscapes is often fascinating — for example, forests are incredibly cozy.
In addition to the primitive economy and the recruitment of associates, the gameplay is diluted with stealth, hunt for rare animals, the emergence of the new outposts, but not the original opponents (also complete analogy with Far Cry 3 and 4 snipers instead of archers, instead of armored — thugs with torches), skating on mammoths, using a climbing hook, and attacks on the Northern part of the map, where it is cold and you should either dress up in warm skins, or running from fire to fire, as in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
But all this we already saw.
Key aspects of the Primal is not too change until the very end: a tedious seizure of fires and a little different from each other enemy settlements, Stripping the bushes and ore veins, and fight clubs by the end of the game remain the same as at the beginning. There’s even a skill set almost identical to what it was in previous games: improving health, “hunting” of view, the skill of unarmed combat and the list goes on.
Each type of weapon has its own physics. The javelin will have to get used to.
Sometimes it does happen.
The only thing Primal really stands out and wins against the other as Far Cry and games, in principle, is a game world. The prehistoric era is shown here very down to earth and natural, without chudesnoi mysticism Zeno Clash and undue influence of shamanism From Dust.
Primal — the only game that allows you to feel like a real caveman, bare ass fleeing from a saber-toothed tiger in the forest at night. Here you can have half an hour to sneak through the bushes with a few deer, then hooting to rush at him with a spear at the ready and set on the poor animal his pet Panther. Or running into a squad of enemy hunters, not to get lost in an adrenaline frenzy to beat them with a baton, to strip the corpses with a haughty air back into your cave and lie down to sleep on the bearskin. In short, pure peasant buzz.
But Ubisoft once again made the world, who lives and operates. No matter how great you feel in the role of Takara, the usual Studio conventions, mechanisms and scenario tools as well as small but nasty bugs spoil the atmosphere, reminding you that you are immersed in another reality, and play the game. To clear the program from sequences, loops, conditions, ones and zeros. And it’s sad.
Mammoth — it’s not only valuable fur, but also a reliable means of transportation.
Manual of the beast must be constantly fed, otherwise it will quickly die in battle.
You could give the impression that Far Cry Primal is a bad game.
This is not so.
More precisely, it’s just another Far Cry and part — time- the next game in Ubisoft. It is large, beautiful, there is always something to do. But the pleasure you will receive from it only if the last four years sitting in a cave (sorry) and never saw the third, fourth Far Cry. Or if you are tired of firearms and have been dreaming about the action in which you have fifteen hours to hit enemies with a stick on the head, and the new Condemned all does not work. Or if you want to feel like a caveman and run with a spear for dazed mammoth.
In any case have to endure all the usual drawbacks that open worlds Ubisoft is not ready to get rid of.

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