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Action Fallout 4 will begin even before the nuclear disaster and show Saturday morning a typical American family. At the beginning of the player character and appearance will distribute performance sunglasses, talking to his wife (or husband) and a representative of the company VaultTec. The game starts in the same apartment, which scoured the dog from the first trailer shown on June 3; Soon the alarm sounds, and the family ran to the shelter, without having to get inside.
The hero meets a nuclear strike on the outside of Vault 111, but survives. However, he leaves his new home only 200 years after the explosion – why it happened, is not explained. The main character will be the last surviving inhabitant of Vault 111, and will explore the Boston neighborhood. Todd Howard has called the world’s largest games and work among all ever made by Bethesda Game Studios.
The laptop PipBoy, who carries with him the main character, will be embedded mini-games – at the presentation were shown a parody of Donkey Kong and Beach Head. Bethesda will create a mobile application that will take PipBoy interface screens of smartphones. The collector’s edition will present a special case for smartphone – the player will be able to wear it on the wrist, as the hero of the game. Todd Howard called the combination of the cover and the «best fucking second screen experience» mobile application.
In Fallout 4 will be a dynamic dialogue system: the player can at any time withdraw or start a fight with someone. The dog will become a reliable partner of the hero and will obey the orders, which will vary depending on the context – for example, to bring items. The combat system came from Fallout 3 and uses the mechanics of aimed fire V.A.T.S.
Fallout 4 will introduce many innovations in equipment and crafting systems. The player will be able to build your house, collecting materials in the world. Rooms, planning, interior design, furniture, protective structures – everything is subject to the fantasy gaming. Good home will attract new residents and merchants. Sometimes seekers will attack the raiders.
Every object in the game can be broken down into smaller components and make new items – in fact, the game will not be useless junk. All the weapons in the game modifiable – for example, here in the order of things to turn the laser into the laser gun sniper rifle or attach circular following the baseball bat. You can change and ammunition – in one of the videos was shown shooting teddy bears by ghouls. Armor can also be improved, and modular – for example, separately helmet or hand separately.
Character development in Fallout 4 will be based on the seven characteristics of the system S.P.E.C.I.A.L. – Strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. Following the tradition of the series, the player once distribute points between these indicators and will continue to develop the skills of the hero and select the “perks” – special features of bonuses that will affect the subtleties of interaction with the game world and its inhabitants.
Unlike previous Fallout, who where S.P.E.C.I.A.L. indicators until the end of the game remained static (if you’re not drugged character), in Fallout 4 for each characteristic will be tied perks. Their number will depend on how many points a player has invested in one or the other item. For example, with nine points of intelligence, while increasing the level of your character you can choose from nine perks tied specifically to the intellect. Five points will force five “power” of perks and so on. “Dozens” next to each characteristic will allow to open a total of 70 perks. To do this, obviously, you have to go through the game several times.
System skills and will continue to be associated with perks. Many of them are multi-level. Total in Fallout 4 will be possible to pump your character 275 additional features.
Earlier it was reported that researchers mates wasteland can become iconic dog, robot and arrow hendimen Preston Garvey. Only in the game will be about a dozen characters, which can make the company the hero. Gather the gang and terrorize the US destroyed the whole crowd will not be: in the journey can take only one companion.
In February 2016 it was announced three additions to the game: Automatron, Far Harbor and Wasteland Workshop. Supplement Automatron will appear on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 to March 22, 2016.

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