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Birthday: 31.03.1972 year
Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina
Citizenship: Argentina
Argentine actor mostly starred in the soap operas (telenovelas).
At the age of 15, each led by Facundo Arana in the drama Studio. However, it soon had to interrupt classes: in 1989, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease — cancer of lymph nodes. There followed a long treatment and medical supervision. Only in 1994, it was announced his full recovery.
One of her favorite Hobbies Facundo Arana is the saxophone playing. Some time in parallel with the search of work actor, he played saxophone on one of the metro stations. There he was noticed by producer Lito Espinosa, who later helped to get the role in the first series. Aran began to sing small roles in the Argentine telenovelas in 1992 (the role of the street singer Ramiro).
In 1995 Facundo got a small role of Leonardo in the TV series “Black pearl” together with Andrea del Boca and Gabriel Corrado. In 1997, Facundo decided to participate in the third and fourth seasons of the series “Girly”. In this series of Facundo Arana played two roles: Alejo and Manuel. This role brought Aran recognition. A real international success came to the Faculty in 1999, after the execution of the main roles (Ivo) in the series “Wild angel”, where he starred with Natalia Oreiro. After that Facundo Arana has become known in countries such as Russia, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic etc. He then starred in the Comedy series “Good neighbors” and the TV series “Iago, dark passion.” The role of Iago Valdez/Fabio Seregno has been at the center around which revolved the entire plot. This show had the highest rating and received the award “Martin Fierro”. Then Facundo Arana stopped working with the Phone company and began acting in the TV series company “Pol-ka”. In 2002, he played the role of policeman Thomas Ledesma in the TV series “099 Central”. And again Haran was nominated for best actor. In December 2002, Aran decided to take a break and during the following year to star in the series. For the first time in 10 years took a vacation and went on a trip to Argentina. After returning to Buenos Aires he found the war of networks “Phone” and “Pol-ka”. After thinking Facundo opted for the TV series “Pol-ka” under the name “Padre Coraje”. FAK ispolnitelnoy the role of modern Robin hood, the noble robber Korahe and she received the award “Martin Fierro”, and the series received the “Golden Martin Fierro”. After this success, Facundo Arana played the role of Ross Gardiner in the theatrical production of “visiting Mr. green” together with the famous theater actor Pepe Soriano. In 2006 Facundo Arana returned to television and starred in the role of Martin Quesada in the series “You are my life” along with the star Argentina series and singer Natalia Oreiro, with whom he already starred in “Wild angel”. This Comedy series was the most successful in the history of Argentine 13th channel.

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