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Exodus: Gods And Kings

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In ancient Egypt, the Jewish people have always been treated as a contemptible slave tribe. So when Pharaoh learned that the number of the children of Israel increases every year, a cruel ruler, without hesitation, he made a terrible decree. He commanded ruthlessly exterminate the Jewish families of all newborn boys. But Pharaoh commanded his faithful servants have failed to follow through. One of the young mothers was saved from imminent death of her baby. She hid her son snuck to the banks of the Nile and let woven cane basket with a baby with the flow, trusting in God’s mercy.
And the Lord heard the prayers of his mother. The boy was destined to survive. The basket washed ashore, where she found a richly dressed noblewoman. By the will of fate she was the daughter of the ruthless Pharaoh. Savior sorry boy, I took the training to the palace and called Moses. His childhood and youth spent a wonderful foundling at the court. He was always in the company study and children’s pranks future ruler of Egypt, Ramses heir.
The young people were very friendly as long as Moses was not by chance is known about its origins. For the first time in the life of the young man he drew attention to his people living in some poverty and injustice. One day, when he saw an Egyptian beating a wealth of his kinsman, Moses interceded for the unfortunate, and in the battle killed an opponent. Now he had only one thing – an escape from the hated country. Staying overnight in the cold desert, the next great prophet was shocked appearance of the Lord, who commanded Moses to go back and give his people the long-awaited freedom. Proud Jew got to Egypt and demanded the release of Ramses the Jews from captivity, yet nepozdno. Otherwise, the Lord’s punishment will be terrible.

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