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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

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No one expected that a game from the creators of Dear Esther will not be like Dear Esther. Even Amnesia in their hands became similar to Dear Esther. This “walking simulator” in the typical of its manifestations.
Something Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture has changed: instead of a small, full of abstractions and symbols of the island is completely bypasses particular village with the surrounding farms, forests, campgrounds and all. The Chinese Room has placed people in the frame (or rather, their projection from the past), replaced the thoughts of the narrator dialogues. And to make this game breathtakingly beautiful.
The rest – all almost the same.
So it was over
British village Yaton, apparently – 1984. You come to himself in all alone, except for flying around the bunch of orange light. It is as if calling for a showing echoes memories of the missing locals. They caught up with something. But what?
The search for truth The Chinese Room serves in their usual manner. You can open the door (sometimes), you can turn on and turn off the light (sometimes), you can turn the gamepad in hand, to “start” light anomaly (also happen). But what you can not do anything – just look to go out and digest in mind. City conserved. It is like a museum, but other than you there is no other visitors.
Some say things like Rapture has no place next to the games, but whether Rapture movie or a book out of it, most likely, we would have a very trivial work. Lovecraft spoke of incomprehensible horror mind a century ago, talk about it now, and even in a hundred years, when will invent another way of storytelling, someone will return to it again.
In Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – the best model bike that I have ever seen in a game.
The new format – this is a loophole: it helps to apply the old concept of a seemingly new. When you walk along the path of the stars under the crystal clear music Jessica Curry, in my mind there is only one important thought: The hell is turned in to a movie. Because it is impossible to walk and look around, and in the Rapture to the movies can be. Everything is so simple.
There is something magical in the city did not study during and after the disaster. You shape the what’s left of civilization, and tiny fragments of its history and imagination paints a picture is much more colorful than the developers would have drawn.
On top of the game like the story of Rapture from the outside terror can, for example, afford to be a little scattered. Decide that it’s not really about terror and more about the people and their everyday problems (which is also, however, is not new – thanks to Wyndham, and Christopher Bradbury), and then get tangled in the legs and funny collapse flat. Before my eyes there are imprints of ordinary people, to which you do not care … and it seems to be normal. You’re in a museum.
Replacing men splashes of light, The Chinese Room avoided dissonance The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which is not ideal people set off perfect photogrammetric pastorals. Rapture dazzling. All.
But the less remains the characters, the more Rapture focuses on the essentials. Mystery Valley begins to worry much less than apocalyptic melodrama, just before hatch in the background. There is nothing special – the usual ornate story about betrayal and jealousy. The Chinese Room Just put it in the right circumstances, making heroes engines doomsday.
I walked, I was lost
The expediency of the existence of Rapture in this format no doubt. Doubts have another.
This place really. Ale pubs entice fifty pence, in the clinic is Commodore computer, everywhere hung leaflets about the symptoms of flu and quarantined in every house – a roller coaster bloody handkerchiefs. Yaton Valley looks like a place where someone could really live and die.
And the stranger to see how it shielded from any interactions.
British backwoods version of Rapture – very British. Even the Brits agree.
No, really. This is strange. When Dear Esther has Gone Home, and, no matter how you treated her, she has a lot to learn. In this game, every crumpled piece of paper, you can lift and twist in his hands – and not just: the cover of one book, thrown in his father’s library, can tell about the character more than another scene of Rapture, where real people are recognized in the love and speak with a Scottish accent .
Possibility to hide a part of history and surrounded by The Chinese Room neglected – although it obviously helped to dispel minor history of the first few chapters. The Rapture can look around, but not much use: you get used to the beautiful, and almost all the clues confirm long ago made the conclusion.
World Rapture seems to invite yourself to explore, but any attempt to turn from the path turns into a waste of time. Four of the five doors are closed and secret paths, as a rule, lead to a dead end, forcing back empty-handed. While unbearably slow pace. On the existence of a little less slow jogging nobody even suspected until The Chinese Room have not written a blog post that at the last moment add the button to accelerate.
When happen especially significant flashbacks and night follows day, the enthusiasm to keep hard.
It is enough to stop a clot to follow the light to almost immediately lose the thread. Someone might say that normally get lost, that the moments of calm needed to withdraw into himself, muse, and all that. But staging scenes and so involves a lot of good contemplative episodes, and mistaken – is harmful. It is as if the quiet moments in your favorite “Stalker” Tarkovsky did not end until you find a way out of the labyrinth of the real. Contemplation and walk in darkness poorly compatible.
In the end, even against the backdrop of Dear Esther Rapture seems slimmer – because it is almost impossible to get lost. Rapture beautiful and detailed as the installation may even livelier and more emotional as a story, but how carefully constructed, verified “experience” is a disaster. As long as you go on track, works of Rapture, but any deviation from the plan, it simply breaks down. And that’s not to mention the situations when the game refuses to run the required trigger is to approach it from the wrong angle.
No matter how beautiful no matter the local scenery, once you get used to them ….
Funny, but the only geymdizaynersky reception that Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture uses consciously – is forced deceleration distance to beautiful music lay on the video and you will feel an even greater obstacle.
But this game is working against it. It consists of four things: a picture (the sun for a couple of seconds flies scene, night follows day, the sky full of stars – and at the right moments is beautiful to distraction), sound (silence, music, and then silence again and iridescent from ear to ear otherworldly light), emotional Brits different varieties (seriously) and, just for the sake of god, walking.
Walk in Rapture’s great – better than anywhere else. But only so long until you start to look for extra adventure.

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