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Evanna Lynch, Evanna Meghan Naomi Lynch.
Born 16.08.1991, Termonfeckin, County Louth, Ireland.
Irish actress.
The beginning of the way
Evanna Lynch, the full name Evanna Meghan Naomi Lynch, was born August 16, 1991 in the village of Termonfeckin in County Louth Irish in a large family of Marguerite and Donal Lynch, which were still older sisters Emily and Meayrid and a younger brother named Patrick.
Evanna child suffered from anorexia, was fascinated by books about Harry Potter. She has repeatedly sent letters to the author poterriany JK Rowling. girls disease lasted about two years, and the author replied to her words of encouragement and support.
Primary education Evanna Lynch won the National School Kartauna in women’s Catholic school «Greenhills Our Lady’s College», located in Drogheda. Since 2008, Evanna began to study fiction and drama at the Center for Talented Youth of Ireland, and was engaged in summer school for gifted teenagers in Dublin.
Film career
In 2006, Evanna Lynch participated in an open casting call for the role of Luna Lovegood in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” – the fifth film adaptation of the novel by JK Rowling. With the choice of this extraordinary character of the director and the producers expect considerable difficulties: Polumna was unpredictable and eccentric, extraordinary thinking very different and in some ways was “not of this world.”
After further listening, where Evanna Lynch rehearsed the scene with the leading actor Daniel Radcliffe, it was approved for the role, beating 15,000 contestants for this role, and particularly the last three. Three girls, who are the publishers thought were good, they were going to play Polumnoy, but they are not going to be Polumnoy. An old dream come true Lynch. Evanna started acting in “Order of the Phoenix” at the end of February at «Leavesden Studios» British studio.
For the role of Lovegood Lynch came like no other. There was something in Evanna by Polumnoy. And she got well. After the premiere of JK Rowling about the young actress playing only said: “Perfect.” Evanna Lynch adored her character. Polumna was very balanced and self-sufficient woman, much wiser than many of its peers. Evanna Lynch liked its isolation and the fact that it did not seek the approval of others. She was not shy, was very reliable, would not let other people’s opinions influence her decisions. Polumna subject only to the call of your heart.
On the day the film was released in rent, Evanna Lynch has received many positive reviews, being the name of one of the “standouts” of the film. Cinema firmly and permanently entered into the life of Evanna Lynch. The young actress in 2012 played the role of Helena in the amazing series “Sinbad” with a unique cast. On set Lynch and was excited and nervous because it was her first project since “Harry Potter.” Shooting of “Harry Potter” were her childhood and where she felt safe. And it was a real job, what it really excited. She has worked professionally with great dedication and meet new people.
2013, the first year
Evanna Lynch has been in demand in the movie, a clear proof of that was the year 2013. This year Evanna Lynch parallel filming the series “Sinbad” starred in «G.B.F.» as McKenzie Price, in the film “The butler Beast” became her heroine Fiona Carrick-Smith. And in the same 2013 it was approved by the actress for the role of Carolina in the full meter «Stray Dogs» and noted in korometrazhnoy tape «It do not come easy» in the role of a charming Ella.
Evanna Lynch has actively participated in the development of fashion accessories for the Harry Potter films. The young actress posing for photographers Kathryn Thomas and Ciaran Sweeney. She also recorded an abridged audio version of the short story Claire Keegan “Foster”.
Evanna Lynch is a member of the Board of Advisors in «The Harry Potter Alliance» non-profit organization.
Personal life
After shooting in the series of films about Harry Potter Evanna Lynch returned to Ireland, he graduated from high school, and took up his appearance. She lined teeth. In Evanna Lynch was time out to think about what she wanted to do in life. And Evanna Lynch, definitely decided for myself that will be shot in a movie. Evanna Lynch was trained in TSTMI okanchil courses and “speculative fiction”.
Interesting Facts
Evanna Lynch was cast 2 February 2006 and, beating 15,000 contestants, was approved for the role of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series of films. After a long discussion of how Lynch showed Polumnoy, Harry Potter author JK Rowling was able to say only one thing: “Perfect!”
Hair Evanna Lynch were naturally dark color, for her role Polumnoy repainted in blonde.
On the set of “Harry Potter …” from Evanna Lynch, new friend in the person of Bonnie Wright (who plays Ginny Weasley), Katie Leung (Cho Chang) and Afshan Azad (Padma Patil)
Evanna Lynch was anorexic from 2003 to 2005.
In 2003, when Evanna was 11 years old, the girl was taken to hospital. And I was upset that he could not get to the exit premiere a new book by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. But she was allowed to leave the hospital for a couple of hours. As a result, Evanna Lynch bought a book autographed by JK Rowling.
Evanna Lynch is a big fan of the series, “Harry Potter.”
After participation in the trial potteriane Evanna Lynch called the producers and asked no way to touch your eyebrows. Evanna’s sister then said, “If I started talking about the eyebrows, it just took …”
Evanna Lynch made the radish earrings worn by Luna Lovegood in the film.
We have a cat Evanna Lynch Luna. First girl born kitten named Dumbledore. Also Evanna had a cat named Crookshanks but he died in 2006.
JK Rowling Evanna Lynch gave the necklace with the hare and the moon.
Evanna Lynch vegetarian.
Evanna Lynch speaks French, English and Gaelic.

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