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Sometimes the way the actors in the movie world is very zateyliv. The actress Evangeline Lilly Road on set was just such. Raised in a family of Christian believers, Evie wanted to be a missionary …
Nicole Evangeline Lilly was born on August 3, 1979 in Canada, in the town of Fort Saskatchewan. Evie was the eldest of three sisters, my father taught economics and her mother worked as a cosmetic consultant. Name Evangeline, Evangeline, from Greek means “good news,” and Eve from Hebrew as “life” or “life-giving”. Evangeline’s family was a believer in the house there was no TV, and the girl wanted to help people. At fourteen, she became a volunteer; Evie has worked with various organizations that provided assistance to the children. As part of a missionary group of 18-year-old Lilly went to the Philippines, where she lived in a grass hut in the jungle and I felt like the happiest person on the planet. Then, with good intentions, she visited 20 countries. She also worked as a flight attendant on flights Royal Aviation Airlines and the process of this work to learn French, which owns well so far. More Lilly has worked as a waitress, and goes for it at the moment the main thing, she enrolled at the University of British Columbia to the Department of International Relations. The purpose of obtaining such a prestigious education was a continuation of the missionary work at a higher level.
Along with his studies and work Evangeline Lilly is actively involved in sports. She skated, snowboarding, canoeing, rock climbing. Later, these skills come in handy in her acting career. And one day came to Lilly in the street and asked the perennial question: “Girl, you want to become a model?” It was a representative of “Ford” model agency, who immediately offered her to sign a contract, so the beauty of a young Evangeline made an impression on him. Evie as she recalled, such a proposal simply outraged: some levity – a model? And how to save the world? Are these ephemeral creation capable of anything, except here and there to walk the catwalk? But the principles are the principles, and the financial issue in the years to life Evangeline stood sharply. And, reluctantly, the beauty has signed a contract and started to actively participate in the filming of advertising. Jobs helped Lilly to pay tuition, but still, it is in the modeling world did not feel at ease, like the whole thing to give up, but one of his friends persuaded her to suffer and possibly turn her modeling career in a more interesting direction, for example, film side. Evangeline started attending acting classes and auditions to go. In 2003, she appeared in a small cameo in the film “Freddy vs. Jason” and also appeared in several episodes of the series “Secrets of Smallville” (2002-2004).
Once on samples Evangeline Lilly noticed the creator of the series “Lost” (2004-2010) JJ Abrams. As a result, she won the role of Kate Austen. The plot is the story of Flight 815 passenger airlines “OCEANIC”, flying from Sydney to Los Angeles, crashed and caught on the full of mysteries and secrets of the tropical island somewhere in the Pacific. The series has become a cult classic and has won numerous awards “Emmy” and “Golden Globe”. In particular, Evangeline Lilly – thirteen nominations. Among individual series of the greatest number of times nominated for a pilot series “The Mysterious Island” – 15, and it was zavoevavano six awards, including four “Emmy.” Curiously, the actress could not play in this fateful for her role as could not in time to get a visa to work in the United States. When despair was great, and a new trial began on the role that had to play Lilly, all formalities were settled. All films Evie prefers to do all the stunts herself without the help of doublers (affected her athletic inclinations): “I really love to jump, climb trees and participate in fights.” Colleagues on the series, by the way, even called her Monkey for the ability to easily climb trees.
The actress was married to Canadian hockey player Murray Horn, but fell in love with actor Dominic Monaghan, playing the role of Charlie in “Lost.” And then their relationship is something upset – the wedding did not take place. In May 2011, Evangeline became a mother. The child’s father – assistant producer of “Lost” Norman Kali. Lilly’s head plunged into motherhood, but still wants to make the world better, and I’m sure that is sure to find time for it.

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