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Biography, the life story of Evanescence
The founding members — vocalist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody — born in the small town of little Rock, Arkansas, USA. They met at summer camp, Christian youth in 1993, when they were 13 and 14 years respectively. According to the memoirs of Ben Moody, he drew attention to Amy when she was playing a song Meat Loaf — I Would Do Anything for Love on piano. Moody: Several years ago Amy and I were in the same youth camp. I played with a group of cult music, and Amy was a member of the worship in the open air. Somehow in my spare time I was sitting in the gym watching a basketball game. On the other side of the square there was a stage on which stood a piano. I just sat there and died of ennui, when suddenly to my ears came the sound of a piano playing the Intro to “I Would Do Anything for Love” group Meat Loaf. I looked to the side and saw the piano, the girl who played with absolutely no effort, effortless, showing great talent. When rising in me a wave of jealousy had subsided, I jumped to my feet and ran to the piano right through the area where the game was played and introduced himself to the girl. Then she shocked me even more song she wrote. I felt like I was in heaven. Then she began to sing.
I almost died. That little, skinny outcast from youth camp was one of the most powerful and beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. Somehow I managed to persuade her never to play with anyone else, and since then she became mine. Lee: what are you talking About?! I never sang this song!.. Well, maybe singing, but I don’t want to associate with Meat Loaf ! Despite the differences in musical tastes (Amy has a classical music education and heard Tori Amos and Bjork, and Ben like heavy metal of the 80’s), young people quickly found a common language. “We agreed in the main — in its relation to the music, says Ben. — We understand each other without words and finish the thoughts to each other”.
First demo recording of the duet appeared in 1998 — a mini-album and Evanescence Sound Asleep. Some songs, particularly “Give Unto Me” were played on local radio, gaining the band some popularity even before she began to give concerts. The group name was coined after the musicians rejected the options of “Childish Intentions” and “Striken”. Early music Evanescence was much less “heavy” than the subsequent albums, and wore some Gothic elements. In 1999 the group was joined by keyboardist and backing vocalist David Hodges. With his participation, the band recorded the first full-length album, Origin (2000). All the instruments except the vocals and keyboards were recorded by Moody, in and shock. This CD was released on local label limited edition of 2500 copies was completely sold on the concerts of the group. The original recordings are almost gone on sale and they have become rarities. Subsequently, Evanescence began to consider this album as a demo, allowing its dissemination via the Internet.
On Christian radio stations
In 2002 Evanescence signed a contract with popular label Wind-Up Records, which also issued the group Creed, P. O. D., 12 Stones, Seether. The lineup was completed by guitarist John Lecompt, drummer rocky gray and bassist will Boyd. In this part of Los Angeles he recorded the album Fallen, which as a guest participated lead singer of 12 Stones Paul McCoy. The producers of the Wind-Up began to promote the band on the market, ” Christian rock “, a song “Tourniquet” topped the charts in Christian radio stations. Radio KLAL-FM first started airing the song “Bring Me to Life “. This reputation, however, caused disagreement within the group. David Hodges, was inclined to the religious concept, left Evanescence on 19 December 2002. Soon Ben Moody in an interview categorically denied the label of religious music. This, however, sparked a boycott by some radio stations whose format was purely spiritual.
The song “Bring Me to Life”, the first “hit” of Evanescence, and piano ballad “My Immortal” like the producers 20th Century Fox and was in the soundtrack to the sci – Fi Thriller comic book “Daredevil” (Daredevil). The success of the film significantly contributed to the popularity of these songs and the group as a whole. The album Fallen, released on March 4, 2003, debuted at the seventh position in the American albums chart Billboard Top 200 and stayed there for a hundred weeks in the UK charts for 60 weeks reaching the first place. Fallen went triple platinum by the end of 2003. The singles album was released the song “Bring Me to Life” (with Paul McCoy), “My Immortal “, “Going Under” and “Everibody”s Fool “. All four songs were filmed video clips to win in the charts MTV. The group gained international popularity received a Grammy award in the categories: best rock group, best new artist.
Care Moody
In support of the album Evanescence went on tour together with 12 Stones. During the tour, the band obezdil United States, having been in many prestigious festivals. At the end of the year, Evanescence’s first visit to Europe. However, on 22 October 2003, during the tour and before the concert, the group has gone its founder and principal songwriter Ben Moody. Later Moody announce that left the band due to personal differences. After leaving the band he continued his solo career, he participated in recordings with singers Avril lavigne and Anastacia. Place Moody in the group took Terry Balsamo from the band Cold. The new composition Evanescence finished a tour and released the results of a live album Anywhere but Home, recorded in Paris, 25 may 2004. The album was also released on DVD as bonus was included interviews with the musicians and all the band.
The Open Door
In the spring of 2006 Evanescence began recording its new album, The Open Door. Amy Lee in an interview also claimed to have written several songs for the fairy-tale sci-Fi movie ” the Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Platanos “, published in the same year, but these songs were rejected by producers because of their gloominess and, in a revised form, included in the album. The producers of the film from the Disney company have not confirmed this information. The album was released October 03, and immediately topped the charts in the United States, England, Australia, and Germany. Sold 725 000 copies, the album went platinum a month after release. As singles were released of the song “Call Me When You’re Sober “, “Lithium “, “Sweet Sacrifice “, “Good Enough “. All four songs were accompanied by the filming of the video clips aired on MTV. In support of the album, the group rode first in the United States and Canada, and then visited Europe and Japan.
The change of the composition
A number of changes in composition followed at the same time. Will Boyd left the band for family reasons. Bassist Tim McCord took his place. In may 2007, Lecompte has suddenly issued a statement that it is fired from the group because of the conflict with Amy Lee and a label Wind-Up. Rocky gray also refused further participation in the group in support of Lecompte. Currently, their places were taken by will hunt and Troy Mclawhorn that are not registered in the group and are considered to be session musicians.

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