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Evan Peters – love life
He was shot at point blank range, he was abused in a mental hospital, his smeared on a broken van, but the guy put together piece by piece, like a Frankenstein monster of him, finally made a circus freak. All this through, reincarnated in different heroes rating show, Evan Peters. Biography of the artist interest to everyone who fell in love with the grim realities of the “horrors of American history.”
January 20 Missouri native Thomas Evan Peters celebrates 28 years. He was the second son in a family of Vice-President of the Foundation, engaged in the struggle for civil rights (Charles Stewart Mott Foundation), Phil Peters. His wife Julia was sitting at home with the children – the eldest and the youngest, Andrew. Biography Evan Peters started in St. Louis, where he spent his early years and attended a Catholic school “Saint Joseph”. Later Peters settled in Michigan.
Charming red-haired boy became a favorite teacher. He participated in the school initiative, achieved success in competitions of young talents. Parents noticed the obvious acting skills son, did not let him develop them. Teenager Evan got into modeling school and mastered the art of drama. One of the photographers advised 15-year-old Peters to try myself in a movie and called the name of the agent, Los Angeles, to which the cost to apply.
Mum and dad decided to act immediately. Julia went with Evan in Los Angeles, where the boy faced a difficult job: to prove to the auditions, he is talented. “Loser” rolled their debut full-length for Peters’ low-budget film “Saving Adam.” But the novice artist prize went to the film festival in Phoenix. In the same year 2004, screens out another picture – comedy “Night together”, it also played Evan Peters. Biography of the young actor has been enriched by shooting in the cult show “The Office,” “House,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and was the main surprise of Fortune is not far off.
ode to actor Evan Peters at the press conference
The youth participated in the cult youth series “One Tree Hill” in the crime show “Without a Trace.” And in 2001, the authors of the horror-show “American horror story” was noticed. Filming in it are constructed in such a way that the same actors performing in different seasons, different roles. So get into the “cage” of this project was a great success. So, Jessica Lange has been able to regain its former glory, depicting several characters (neighbor-killer sadistic nun, supreme witch). Similarly, the success came and Peters.
Suffering from neglect of native high school student, drugged, shot straight peers at school, and then was killed during the arrest, he becomes a ghost. The young husband, taken as a maniac, is in a psychiatric hospital, notorious. A cute young man, worn-out home mom, is on the dissecting table, where it is collected in installments and enliven the young witches. All these characters – Tate, Keith, Kyle (and the character of the 4th season of the anthology Jimmy) – causing both sympathy and disgust. Evan was able to breathe life into each of them, from it is simply impossible to look away.
Another bright spot in the biography of Evan Peters – the role of Peter’s ( “Mercury”) in the franchise X-Men. In 2014 we have already seen it in this way, after 2 years, we will meet again with this mutant.
“American horror story” helped privacy Evan Peters. Although the girl of his hero portrayed Taissa Farmiga, is another actress of the series was the beloved Man. The daughter of star fighters Eric Roberts, Emma Roberts, and our hero found each other on the set of the second season. Niece “Beauty” portrayed bitchiness starlet possessing telekinesis, and Evan – Kyle resurrected it.
This affair began in 2012, and in the summer of 2013, a couple of Evan Peters, Emma Roberts was amused by his admirers. They too loud to sort things out (it was in Montreal hotel), and frightened the neighbors called the police. Picture before the servants of the law appeared curious: in the “family” fight longer suffered tall Evan – baby Emma “has played a witch” in life: a bloody nose and bit a favorite of his. The girl was taken to a local “monkey”, although the arrest did not last long – the guy did not say on offender. I wonder what he did so angry?
On the eve of Novogodya Peters asked Roberts to marry him and gave a pretty ring, she agreed. They celebrated their engagement in London, so that the personal life of Evan Peters played entirely with new colors. But the wedding did not happen: the actors still have left.

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