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Ermine – a small, but extremely violent and cruel animal weasel family (as you can see by looking the photo below). Distributed in the north-temperate regions of Eurasia and North America. It prefers to settle in the coastal forests, swamps, bushes and areas adjacent to it. Most of his life ermine spends on the ground, although it is also nice to climb trees and good swimmer. Turned the roots of trees, hollow logs, burrows of rodents used them as a den.
Adult ermine has a total body length of between 170 and 330 mm, with about 35% of this figure accounted for the tail. Males grow approximately twice as many females. The body shape is very similar to weasel weasels body: long, like a ribbon, with short legs, a pointed snout, small ears. Eyes like black beads. Fur in the summer has a chocolate brown color, while the snow-white fur in winter, except for the tip of the tail – it is painted in black.
mating period in ermine takes place in late spring – early summer. Ermine live alone, mating males and females is chaotic in nature. Youngsters born in April – May, ie the period of the average term of pregnancy is 280 days. The number of pups in the offspring ranges from 3 to 18 pieces, average 4-9. Males ermine otnosheniyaRozhdayutsya find out they are in a secluded den where the female arranges the nest of dry vegetation, feathers and fur production produced by it. Young stoats are blind and helpless, but grow quickly, and already in the eighth week of life hunt with her mother (as played by stoats and how they prey on rabbits, see the video below). Take care of the offspring exclusively female, protecting them until they become independent. In the wild, weasel live only 1-2 years.
Flexible body allows ermine move fast both on the ground or snow cover, as well as in underground burrows. While hunting weasel explores every crack or crevice, often it stops, sniffs the air and takes the hind legs to reach interested mesta.Belosnezhnvy winter outfit ermine ermine Per night can overcome the distance of 15 kilometers. The females spend most of their lives in an area where they were born. Males have to wander in search of territory not occupied by competitors or fight for it. Generally, its amount is about 2 times the size of ownership females and often overlap with some of them. The boundaries of the site, covering an area of 10 to 20 hectares, is constantly patrolled and marked beast odor.
Ermine has a keen sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch, which help him to search for food. On the hunt predator comes out at night and hunted most often the small warm-blooded animals, the size of a rabbit and less. Ermine – photos, videos, opisanieKogda enough food, ermine diet includes birds and their eggs, frogs, fish, insects. In harsh environments it is often hunted in the snow, surviving at the expense of small rodents and lemmings.
When the potential victim is picked, ermine approaches her at the minimum possible distance, and then makes a lightning shot, clutching his teeth in the neck of the victim and wrapping her around. If production does not die, it should be a few more bites in sheyu.Gornostay – dangerous predator
As potential enemies ermine can be called red fox, marten, badger and birds of prey.

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