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One of the best comedians “Monty Python”
Idle known as ‘the third ‘the talent ‘ Monty Python’. In his skits he played hot potato with a double meaning, sexual connotations and other taboos. According to the survey ‘The Comedians’ Comedian’ 2005, Idle took 21 place in the list of 50 greatest comedians.
Eric Idle was born in South Shields, County Durham, UK, 29 March 1943. His mother Nora Barron was a nursing sister. His father, Ernest Idle, served in the Royal air force during the Second world war, shortly after which he died in a car accident.
Barely coping with raising a son Nora gave Eric at the Royal Wolverhampton boarding school (Royal Wolverhampton School), where he educated children who have lost one or both parents. Idle recalls the time: ‘For a child who grew up there, provided of physical violence, intimidation, harsh conditions. I used to deal with groups of guys and succeed in a life full of troubles’. Eric says that in his childhood was smart and funny, which actually helped him to become a member of the surreal Comedy group ‘Monty Python’.
Idle said that life in school was made bearable by two things: listening to Radio Luxembourg under the covers and watching football matches of the local team ‘Wolverhampton Wanderers’. Every Thursday he ran away from school to hang out at the local cinema. Once he was caught – watching not another teen movie ‘BUtterfield 8’. Tomboy Erica, who by that time the head of the class, deprived of all benefits. He didn’t care. Even before that, he refused to lead the cadet corps, while the campaign for nuclear disarmament. He even participated in the ‘March to Aldermaston’, dedicated to the movement for nuclear disarmament.
Idle acted in Pembroke College, Cambridge , where he received an invitation to join the theatre club ‘Cambridge University Footlights Club’ from Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie. In 1995, the Idle became President of the club and was the first who allowed girls to become members of the ‘Cambridge University Footlights Club’.
True success in a career Eric came when he joined a Comedy group ‘Monty Python’. With their performances the actor was close in spirit to the students and teenagers who made up a large part of the fans ‘Monty Python’. The comic sketches of the group addressed such topical themes of the time like pop music, sexual permissiveness and ‘recreational’ drugs.
The idle topics were clearly to their liking. This ‘autonomic’ famous roles, a few vulgar ‘playboys’ middle-aged and crafty sellers. However, interest in Eric was due to his ability to give ‘shock phrase’. Many also considered him the best composer and performer in the group ‘Monty Python’. Idle agreed to impersonate women on the stage, where quite feminine look in dresses. Usually he worked on his sketches alone.
In 2004, Idle presented his musical Comedy ‘Spamalot’, which was taken by the film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ 1975.
On large screens, Eric is known for such films as ‘Life of Brian’ and ‘And Now for Something Completely Different’. He starred in the TV series ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’, voiced Merlin in the animated film ‘Shrek the Third’ and played Desmond/Berthold in the film ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’.
Eric married an Australian woman, Lyn Ashley in 1969. In 1973 the couple had a son Cary. The couple divorced in 1975. Idle took an American wife Tania Kosevich in 1981. of marriage in 1990, a daughter Lily.
Idle, a longtime friend of Robin Williams. In honor of Idle named the asteroid 9620 Ericidle.

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