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Emperor Tamarin

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Emperor tamarin – a separate species callitrichidae monkeys. These primates get their name from the fact that they looked like a mustache beard of the Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia, Wilhelm II. Although similar to the European monarch in tamarins, I must say, very, very remote. Emperor tamarins opened relatively recently – only in 1907, but these monkeys quickly gained popularity and still give birth to them very often as pets.
Since these primates lived in trees and try to avoid open spaces, ideal habitat are tropical impassable jungle. Basically Emperor tamarins live in the rain forests of the Amazon, but they can also be found on the south-east Peru, north-west of Brazil and Bolivia. These South American monkeys can be confidently called miniature. Length of their body usually does not exceed twenty-five centimeters, and the weight of adults ranges from two hundred and fifty to five hundred grams. True tail emperor tamarin is truly awe-inspiring dimensions, its length is about thirty-five centimeters, an average of ten centimeters longer than the torso. And the white beard gives the monkeys some grandeur. Therefore, despite the fact that the South American primates – real chips, they look serious.
Despite the white beard and the rest of the body from the emperor tamarin has a brown or black color with gold and copper shades. As befits any self-respecting monarch tamarins are silvery brown fluffy crown on his head. On the legs these monkeys are not nails, like all other primates, and very sharp and long claws. Therefore, during the movement in the South American bush emperor tamarins are not only muscles, but also rely on the claws.
Tropical forests abound with a variety of plants and fruit, so it is very varied diet in primates. The emperor tamarin diet includes flowers, young shoots and buds of plants, fruit. Not averse as they are frogs, and lizards. Since tamarins are small, light and at the same time agile, they get on the uppermost tiers of tropical forests, which are not available to other monkeys. There emperor tamarin feed sweetly insects and bird eggs.
Interestingly, in humans beard and mustache are symbols of masculinity, while the tamarins in families is full matriarchy. It may be because females have beards, too. And mustaches sometimes reach such an impressive size, which is to be suspended up to the abdomen of the animal, and sometimes twisting does lie on his back. However, among the tamarins it decided to follow the beard, so sometimes they make “hair salons” – a monkey bite off his mustache other. Moreover, this process plays an important communicative role within the group, which usually comes from eight to fifteen individuals. Moreover, among the emperor tamarin always respected the hierarchy. The most important group is the old and experienced female, after the females are younger. Males usually given the role of young miners and porters. Therefore, most often in groups of no more than two males.
Emperor tamarins – polygamous primates. During the mating season, females take turns to mate with all males of the group. The order of the pairing and clearly defined hierarchy. Pregnancy these tiny South American monkeys is relatively long – about one hundred and forty-five days. As a result, the light appears one or two, rarely three cubs. In the early days of the life of emperor tamarin completely helpless and tiny – only thirty-five grams, but even in these kids already have a white beard. In the first six weeks of feeding young mother’s milk every two or three hours, and in the intervals between feedings they carry on their backs fathers. And it is the “fathers” in the plural. Because the role of the emperor tamarin father plays several males. When the pups will be three months, they are quite separate and move themselves and get their food. And at the age of eighteen months cub turns into mature individuals, which either remains in the group, or leaves in order to create their own. Living emperor tamarin from ten to twenty years, depending on the conditions and the position they occupy in the group.
As for the areas, here the bearded monkey exhibit their regal nature. One small group living in an area of thirty or forty acres. All outsiders certainly expelled. However emperor tamarin tamarins suffering proximity of other species. Sometimes these South American monkeys even rally against the common enemy. And with a furious emperor tamarin is better not to face, because despite the tiny size, these bearded monkeys have sharp claws, fangs and impressive desperate courage. Tamarin will fight to the last for their young.
Now the number of emperor tamarin is not critical, but nevertheless this species is considered vulnerable. In recent years, deforestation of tropical forests in South America reached a very large scale. Since forests are killed, and all the animals inhabiting them. Also at the emperor tamarin hunt poachers illegally selling these bearded primates as pets. After all, in spite of the serious kind, tamarins – very affectionate and gentle, I love when they caress. Plus, they have a suitable home for the unusual size and exotic appearance. This attracts the attention of people who want to seize an interesting animal. And all would do, but a lot of emperor tamarin die during transport and before reaching the future owners. After all, for such purposes, transported them illegally, and consequently in squalid conditions. Therefore, many parks and zoos are trying to breed these wonderful bearded monkeys, and, fortunately, it successfully they manage.

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