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Emma Watson (born. Emma Watson) is known to us all Hermione Granger in the series of Harry Potter movies. The actress was born in 1990 in the French capital, and at the age of five years, moved to his native England with his family. Here, her parents divorced and began to live separately, the girl stayed with her mother.

Her parents were lawyers, she was educated at the school at Oxford, dreaming of career of the actress, occasionally playing in children’s productions of various plays. In nine years, Emma Watson, on the advice of the head of his drama circle, has decided to take part in a casting for a major role in the first Harry Potter film. And to everyone’s surprise, she won. So, since 1999 the life of the young actress has become inextricably linked with the role of Hermione.
In today’s filmography has seven films about the young magician and his friends. The heroine Emma Watson is growing together with the actress, and this was enthusiastically watched by millions of viewers. However, Emma Watson has become now an actress one role and co-starred in the movie “Ballet Shoes” directed by Sandra Goldbaher, as well as the voice of one of the characters in the animated feature.
The young actress is very like to play in a movie, but it is still not firmly decided to link their lives with only the art. While all this was once her dream, but today he grew up a little, Emma Watson seriously says in his interview that the film set – this is not the only place, where she was comfortable. She wants to learn new things, to engage in other arts and just go to school like her peers. Emma Watson noted that she loves to learn, because in school you can meet interesting people to her.
In 2009, Emma Watson went to university, she wants to engage in literature and the English language, but until 2011 she signed a contract in which it is removed in the final two-part film, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”
Thus, the fate of the talented Emma has not yet been clearly resolved for it herself. One thing is certain, that the world of her More certainly hear, because such a successful start that occurred just nine years old, a young girl gives a lot.

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