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The only case where a white rapper was unanimously recognized as “the greatest of today who living.”
Eminem: The more hate, the more love
This is the main creative principle of the exceptionally talented and highly controversial artist.
The future idol of millions born into a poor family. Not a good heredity – his two relatives have committed suicide, and Marshall himself has made a suicide attempt – and the difficult living conditions seriously undermined his nervous system. He grew up without a father, mother and the new man could hardly replace him for the weak bad boy. His hurt at school, his humiliated in the street, in general to thank for the happy childhood he was nobody.
After Uncle Ronnie brought Ice-T Emu cassette teenager discovered a new world – the world of hip-hop. New and new entries uncle more and more fascinated by Marshall, causing a desire to be more than just a guest in this world, but also a full-fledged actor. And of course only play the role of the first plan.
Noticing similarities in their initials with the name of M & M’s candies, Metters Marshall decided that way will his rap alias. True M & M soon transformed into identical sounding Eminem. But the way to rap for the chocolate candies in a white envelope was not easy.
When Marshall has become what he became – great and terrible Eminem – one of his main opponents, rapper and editor Benzino, got hold of the old recording of Eminem, in which he calls a black woman a bitch, and blew a very loud scandal branded white rapper racist. How, then, to call the teenagers, that the sight of a young Eminem rap accepted to shout: “White, get out, play your rock ‘n’ roll!”. But Marshall is not stopped. He was obsessed with the desire to become a rap star and racial attacks did not frighten him. After all, before the advent of Elvis Presley, many people thought that rock ‘n’ roll – exclusively black music.
Eminem performed in clubs in Detroit, honed skills battlovogo MS, was ready to compete with everyone and everyone – and won, won … Eminem gradually ceased to be an outcast and a black sheep – are beginning to cooperate with it other rappers from the Motor City. Em was part of the New Jacks team, then Soul Intent. Released in 1995, underground single of this group was the first recording of Eminem. On the reverse side of the vinyl with him reading the rapper Proof, who became one of the initiators of the formation of D-12 team.
daughter Birth of Eminem forced to seek additional sources of income, the money did not bring the rap – in a word, it was not the easiest period in his life. In 1996, the year he released his debut album “Infinite”, which, unfortunately, does not make money any artist or publishing company. His girlfriend leaves and prohibited from seeing his beloved daughter. Eminem increasingly find oblivion in alcohol and drugs, depression and complex, and finally released to freedom of the beast that lurked inside – personal Mr. Hyde, personal psychological outlet, one who openly says all that is afraid to express Marshall. Eminem currently invented double, his dark alter ego, and he called his Slim Shady.
Paranoid at first glance, the idea has borne fruit. New texts – gloomy, acerbic, cynical and mocking – not give rise to talk more, which it copies Nas or Jay-Z. The terrible revelations about his life experiences, merciless words about the world, about himself, and that shocked most of all – about the closest people: all this has become the hallmark of Slim Shady.
1997th was a watershed year in Eminem’s career. He released the album Slim Shady EP, and it falls to the cassette Dr. Dre’s, one of the most influential producers of today’s hip-hop, on whose shoulders the responsibility for the success of such artists and groups like Snoop Doggy Dogg and NWA. According to legend, Dre found Eminem’s tape on the garage floor of Jimmy Yovina, president of Interscope label. In fact Ema spotted after he finished second in the battle of MS called Rap Olympics, held in Los Angeles.
It was there Iovin got the tape and gave it to Dre. He was inspired and immediately contacted the rapper from Detroit. In a personal meeting the most serious surprise Dre caused even MC skills, and the color of his skin. But a few hours later, they went to work. The single “Just Do not Give a Fuck”, released in 1998 to the year and became a sort of trial balloon, it exceeded all expectations. And in the 1999th album saw the light of his “Slim Shady LP” – that can be considered as the official debut of rapper.
Eminem’s multi-faceted talent, his skilful technique and outstanding texts in the musical facet Dr. Dre shone in all its splendor. After welcoming the audience in a fun track “My Name Is”, Slim Shady made it clear that he is not here for jokes and quickly taken aback by her story “97’Bonnie & Clyde”, where the pope tells her daughter how he had killed his mother. The album caused a lively debate, but brought more than three million copies sold.
Eminem had the honor to participate in the album of Dre “Dr. Dre 2001”, and then thrown to the market his next album “Marshall Matters LP”. Competitors were delicately laid on the shoulder – in the first week of the record has sold over 1.7 million copies. Tracks “The Real Slim Shady”, “Stan” (which gave a ticket to the life of a young British singer Dido) and “Way I Am” became huge hit. At the same time, the criticism does not cease protesting against his politically incorrect remarks and blatant homophobia. Mom Eminem is suing his son because of the unflattering comments about her in his lyrics. It is surrounded by scandals, culminating in becoming an armed attack on a man kissing his wife (though Eminem pistol was not loaded).
To make the critics become silent, Eminem performs at the Grammy Awards duet with Elton John gay. They sing a song “Stan”, and in the final enter into each other’s arms. The message nedvusmylenny – gay, I stop to look down through your controlled media, but rather to help me sell platelets!
Pindos reconciled with Eminem again went to work. In 2001, he revived his team Detroit D-12 and released their album – very, very provocative. In the same 2001 to the he played himself in the autobiographical film “Eight Mile”. And in 2002, the unbridled music video “Without Me”, said that, it seems, without all too boring. And feasibly amused, mocking the Limp Bizkit, Moby, and spank dressed Osama bin Laden (and that after the events of September 11th!). The album “Eminem Show” made it clear that the show goes on. Gathering a bunch of awards – from MTV awards to an Oscar for best song for the film ( “Lose Yourself” from the soundtrack to “Eight Mile”), GM took a break and all the 2003rd stayed somewhere behind the scenes, clearing the stage for a new player, a protege 50 Cent.
But the year 2004 turned out to Eminem truly Stakhanov. He presented to the public the second album, D-12, produced some of the account is already a posthumous release Tupac, and introduced the world to his next disc.
“Encore” is definitely not the most outstanding release of Eminem. It looks like the fourth time retold the same story. But the shocking video “Just Lose It”, where GM does not spare Michael Jackson, severe political anthem “Mosh” and a formal offer peace camp Benzino (the rejected) “Like Toy Soldiers” helped the album to take the bar 4 000 000 copies.

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