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The success and fame of Elton John
Elton John is the most successful rock musician in the UK. His fortune is estimated at $ 260 million, another 1 billion he donated to charity. Thanks to the amazing voice, beautiful piano music and poignant, catchy lyrics Elton managed to conquer the hearts of listeners and win a whole army of fans. During his career, having sold over 250 million records, Elton John has had a tremendous impact on the development of soft-rock.
Early years
Elton John (real name Reginald Dwight) was born in English town of Pinner on March 25, 1947. His father was a squadron commander of the air force, so the house almost did not happen. When in 1962, his parents divorced, his son took over the mother. However, participation in this process we took and stepfather, to which Elton was treated with great love.
The ability to the music of Reginald showed in early childhood. In 4 years he began to learn to play the piano. After a few years, Dwight was able to play any of the classic tune, for which he was called a Prodigy. At age 11 he became a fellow of the Royal Conservatory, where he studied for 6 years.
Music career the famous rocker started too early. In 1960, together with his friends he organized a Blues group ‘The Corvettes’ which was to be called ‘Bluesology’. Reginald day worked in music publishing, and by night played in pubs and bars. Things were going so well in the second half of 1960-ies a group of Elton’s already toured the U.S. and England. The music they played was something of a cross between light rock-n-roll and rhythm-and-Blues.
At this time Dwight became acquainted with Long John Baldry, who was the organizer of the concerts, and poet Bernie Taupin. Bernie they collaborate to this day. Their first song ‘Scarecrow’ appeared in 1967, and a year later was released the single ‘I’ve Been Loving You’. By this time Reginald had acted under the pseudonym of Elton John. In 1969 he released the first solo album by rock musician ‘Empty Sky’, which received good reviews but did not have commercial success.
At the peak of popularity
In 1970 came the album ‘Elton John’, which contains the formula of success. It included as a hard rock songs, and heartfelt, sensitive ballads. Elton John gave a solo concert in Los Angeles and conquered all. His style of singing created a furore and caused excitement among the public and music critics. After that, the rock singer took part in writing the national anthem for the English football team, and in 1971 released the album ‘Madman Across the Water’. This bleak record with stunning orchestrations Floor Buckmaster became a hit in the United States and brought Elton John international fame.
The commercial success of recent works has allowed Elton to run a label ‘Rocket Records’, under whose auspices the album ‘Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player’ (1973). Most critics consider this album the best in the musician’s career. His next work ‘Caribou’ (1974) also had a great success, placing US in the first place. However, this album did not quite satisfy critics who believed that he was ‘calculated on the external effect’.
The highest commercial success, Elton made in 1976, performing in a duet with Kiki Dee ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’. The single topped the British and American charts, becoming one of the most famous in the work of a rock musician.
At the peak of his popularity, Elton John suddenly surprised everyone by announcing his bisexuality. Later, the singer admitted that he didn’t want to say that he is a homosexual so as not to upset fans. Since that time, the public began to be more interested in the personal relations of the artist, and media attention began to attract it is this aspect of his life.
In 1979, Elton visited the Soviet Union, where he gave 4 concerts. He was one of the first rock musicians who came to the Soviet Union on tour. In 1980, the singer released a successful album ’21 at 33′, which was a collaboration with Bernie Taupin.
In the 1980-ies Elton waited deep turmoil and problems. In 1984, he unexpectedly married Renate Blauel, who engineered. After 4 years the marriage ended. Experiences and problems in his personal life, greatly undermined the mental health of the musician. In 1986 John lost his voice. As a result of surgery to remove the polyps, his tone of voice has changed a bit.
The fall and revival
The second half of 1980-ies became the most difficult time for Elton John. Problems in his personal life, loss of voice, accusations of pedophilia and the subsequent trial brought the musician to a standstill and led to depression. He was addicted to alcohol and drugs, almost did not give concerts and wrote songs. In 1990, John was in the hospital in Chicago, where he passed a course of rehabilitation. To cope with problems and to feel again the taste of life he helped David furnish, who he met in 1993.
After Elton was discharged from the hospital, he began to pursue an active musical and social activities. The singer released a new album, ‘The One’ (1992) and made an organization, which is engaged in financing of programs on struggle against AIDS. In 1995, together with Tim rice, he received the ‘Oscar’ for the song to the animated film ‘the lion King’, and was awarded the title of knight bachelor by the British Queen. Now to his name he could add the prefix ‘sir’.
In 2001, Elton said that will no longer produce albums and will concentrate on live performances. However, his words did not keep. Since then, he has recorded four albums, the latest of which – ‘The Diving Board’ was released in 2013. All the creativity of a rock musician consists of 128 singles and 29 albums. He is also the author of music for several cartoons and movies.
Elton John was one of the first legalized homosexual relationships. In 2004 the UK has allowed same-sex marriages, and in 2005, David furnish and Elton John sign a marriage contract. In 2010 they became fathers to a surrogate mother gave birth to son Zachary Jackson. Three years later was born the second child, Elijah Joseph Daniel. Finally, after years of uncertainty and worries Elton John found happiness in his personal life.

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