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Ellen Page (Ellen Page) – Canadian actress. The winner of various film awards. The greatest popularity gained by participating in the “Juno” movie, “Home”, “Roman Holiday”, as well as their active citizenship in the issue of women’s rights. He acted against the military junta in Myanmar, living in an eco-settlement. In 2008, Paige got a list of the sexiest women of the world according to FHM. One of the favorites of film critics, who often call it “the little girl from Canada” for small and miniature complexion growth (growth of stars 1.55 cm) and designate a place among the actresses of “A-class” in the near future. In the cinematic medium it is also known for his sense of humor, bold statements, linearity and non-conformism with respect to self-praise (Paige has repeatedly said she did not want to live by Hollywood standards, and wants to be appreciated primarily for her work).
Directed by long time Paige was invited to the role of smart, ironic and charming schoolgirls. However, participation in recent major projects with well-known directors allowed the actress to declare itself as a serious professionals who are able to translate to the screen a variety of images. Paige combines work in major projects with roles in the indie films that become one of the most discussed in the framework of the prestigious independent film festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival (Sundance Film Festival) and the Austin Film Society (Austin Film Critics Association).
Ellen Page was born on 21 February 1987, and, despite his young age, managed to withdraw more than fifty films. Even as a child Paige showed interest in acting and participated in various school theater productions. She first appeared in the age of ten in the movie “Pit Pony,” for which she was nominated for several awards.
She graduated from the School of Shambhala, visited several institutions of higher education in Canada.
Paige’s acting career began with work in TV series such as “Family Guy”, “The Simpsons” and several others. Paige Rise career was marked by the release of the screens the film “Candy” in 2005, which was ambiguously received by the public and critics alike for his cruelty and unconventional interpretation of the theme “executioner-victim”. The thriller is based on a story about a teenage girl who takes revenge on the man who is suspected of pedophilia.
The first major American project, which starred Paige – the blockbuster “X-Men: The Last Stand,” which, however, did not reveal the talent of the young stars in full, according to many critics. After this work was followed by sparkling tragi-comedy “Juno,” which appeared in Page closest her own way of intelligent and self-schoolgirl. The heroine Paige decides to have a child by her boyfriend accidentally school and looking for adoptive parents for her unborn child. Critics praised the work of the actress, she was nominated for “Oscar” and received a number of awards, including “Golden Globe” and “Independent Spirit”.
After that Paige was invited to appear well-known American directors. She starred in “Pieces of Tracy” films, “Geniuses” “Whip It”, “Peacock” and others. An important step in the career of the actress began shooting the film “Inception” with European and Hollywood stars of the first magnitude (Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt). In 2012, the international rolling out the film “Roman Holiday” by Woody Allen. This director who has become a living classic, known for the fact that each muse, who starred in his film, receives “the way” to the world of cinema and the stars on the Walk of Fame.
The actress lives with his dogs in his hometown and in no hurry to move to Hollywood.

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