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Born 30.12.1980, Watertown, Massachusetts, USA
American actress
Childhood, youth
Eliza Dushku, full name Eliza Patricia Dushku was born December 30, 1980 in Watertown, Massachusetts, US, in a family of Albanian-American administrator and teacher in the Boston Public Schools Philip R. and Professor Judith Suffolk University. His parents divorced when Eliza was still in its infancy. The girl has three older brothers: Aaron, Benjamin, Nathan. Eliza was brought up in a religious family, but she does not really believe in the “upper force.” As a teenager, she attended a school called “National Day Beaver” at Chestnut Hill and graduated from high school Massachusetts Watertown.
Mother Judith believed that her children need to see the world. And when Eliza was 14 years old, and her older brother – 18 years, parent gave them to 1 thousand dollars for each and 2 tickets for a flight to Beijing is, with orders not to return as long as the children do not look 8 cities.
Film career
His artistic career started with Eliza Dushku that did productions for deaf children in the theater Watertown. Career Eliza Dushku in the world of cinema began in 1992, when she was only 10 years old. After five months of searching all over the country Eliza Dushku chosen for the role of Alice in the film “That Night.” In the film, the young actress has played together with great Juliette Lewis.
The next 1993 Eliza Dushku played brilliantly in the film “This Boy’s Life,” the role of Pearl alongside Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. And it’s part in the film has opened the door Eliza Dushku in a great movie. In 1994, the young actress playing the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis in the American film “True Lies.”
In the same year, Eliza Dushku was among the actors who took part in the shooting of an American short film “Fishing with George.” In the following year on the screens out the tape “Goodbye Love”, where Eliza Dushku played the daughter of Paul Reiser. This was followed by a role in an episode in the film “Race the Sun” made in the USA. After that, Eliza Dushku has decided to take a break because of schooling. Then she was admitted to George Washington University in Washington, DC and Suffolk University in Boston, where her mother worked as a professor.
However, having been at the studio, and she appeared in her first role, Eliza Dushku realized that always wanted to act only in the movies. After a short break Eliza Dushku worked wonderfully charming role Faith in American youth television series in 1998, “Buffy – the Vampire Slayer,” Sarah Michelle Gellar in the title role of the fate of the American girl, possessing superhuman powers. In the story of Buffy arrived in the small town of Sunnydale, crowded otherworldly creatures, which she was instructed to destroy. The main roles in the cult film actors have also played by David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon.
Eliza Dushku worked hard, exhausting themselves, and to 18 years girl became fully independent from their parents. It became increasingly invited to star in a fairly well-known films including: painting, 2000 “Bring It On,” where aspiring actress appeared in starring Missy, along with Kirsten Dunst. The film received excellent reviews of film critics and viewers and a good sale in DVD – box.
From 2000 to 2003, viewers could see the favorite actress in the American TV series “Angel” in the title role. This film is narrated about vampires and their fighters. Angel – a vampire with a human soul arrives in Los Angeles, and immediately got into the thick of things: a demon – a clairvoyant Doyle offered to help in the rescue of the innocent, because thanks to his vision could find out where and who attacked.
In this horror Eliza Dushku played Leheyn Faith, which is designed as the Vampire Slayer, after the death of his predecessor, Kendra. At the beginning of his learning Faith lost her mentor that has left a lasting impression. Then, lest the most, Faith had to run, she went to her colleague, which had heard. However, in view of the circumstances and its soft character, Faith moved to the side of Evil …
“Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”
In 2001, director Kevin Smith invited Eliza Dushku on the role of Sissy in his comedy “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, where the actress appeared with such stars as Shannon Elizabeth, Ali Larter, Ben Affleck and many others. In the same in 2001 he released another film starring Eliza Dushku “immortal soul”, where the actress starred Annabelle.
Roles Eliza Dushku becoming more significant to the extent that, as the creators of the pictures convinced of the ability of the actress embellish and animate frame. Eliza Dushku was announced as the lead actress for the detective drama, 2002, “City by the Sea,” directed by Michael Caton-Jones. The main role of Gina Eliza Dushku played surrounded by actors such as Robert De Niro, Frances McDormand, James Franco. In the story of the tape, the police officer assigned to the investigation Vincent Lamarck cases of drug trafficking. To collect evidence Lemark went to his hometown, where he met his son from his first marriage. The investigation took an unexpected turn: Vincent realized that his own son – the prime suspect …
This was followed by the main role of Daniel in the comedy “The New Guy” directed by Ed Decter. The partners of the actress on the set were: DJ Kuolls, Lyle Lovett, Zooey Deschanel and Perry Chen. It was Dizzy film history student, who was expelled from school and put behind bars. There he met with his cellmate, he advised Dizzy radically change the image. After “his release” completely transformed Mr. Nice Guy appeared at the new school in all its brilliance. But on the horizon there was a ghost of his dark past …
“Return of the Dead”
Producers literally tore apart Eliza Dushku, offering her to take part in the next promising project, and most actresses can be difficult at times to give up some particularly vivid role. So it was with the picture of 2003 “Wrong Turn”, where Dushku was a real starring role – Jesse. Since 2003, Eliza Dushku started acting in the lead role in the American science fiction series “Return of the Dead,” directed by Michael Ketlmana. The actress joined the team of actors: Shawn Reeves, Zach Galifianakis, successfully fulfilled a major role.
The heroine of Eliza Dushku – Tru Davies – twenty-two attractive girl who dreams to become a good doctor. However, because of the circumstances he began to work in the city morgue, where the recently departed to another world asked for her help. Hearing the call, the girl returned back in time, at the same time have at its disposal one day, to save him from the death of a stranger to her man …
The filmmakers gave the mystical terrific struggle universal scale, not using it is absolutely no attributes peculiar to such a picture: there was no futuristic creatures from other dimensions or bright computer special effects, no large-scale battles between good and evil. There were just ordinary people, two of whom, given the ability to re-live the same day: the first – to defend the fate of human life, the second – to prevent this from happening!
I remember the audience and the image of the heroine of the American Dushku tape “Kiss”. Thanks to the hard work, professionalism and responsibility, Eliza Dushku has quickly become one of the most sought-after actresses in cinema. Her acting range knew no bounds.
In 2007, the actress could be seen in the film directed by Randall Miller’s “Son of Nobel Laureate” with Alan Rickman, Danny DeVito, Bill Pullman and Mary Steenburgen in the lead roles. In the story, the father of a hereditary scientist Barkley Michaelson announced the winner of the Nobel Prize. Soon the head of the family has become a vain egotist, poisoning the life of his family. Before handing Barkley Michaelson Prize kidnapped and asked for ransom in the amount of two million dollars. That’s how much should get his father to the ceremony. But his father was not going to give up the money …
In an interview for the magazine “Maxim’s” Eliza Dushku somehow “dropped”: “It’s easy to play a bad girl: You just do what you previously forbidden, and do not think about the consequences …”
Last works
Starring Renee comedy melodrama “Sex and Breakfast” of the same in 2007 Eliza Dushku was irresistible. The tape, filmed by director Miles Brendmanom telling us about a couple in love who get married, have found some problems in family life. They turned to the sex therapist, who recommended them to engage in group sex in the hope that it will help them to excite erection. The main roles are also played: Macaulay Culkin, Alexis Dziena, Kuno Becker.
In yield on the role of 2007 the number of such films among the film works as a famous actress: “On Broadway,” “Nurse” and the TV series “Ugly Betty.” His career Eliza Dushku quite successfully continued. The following year, a remarkable cast reincarnation of the famous actress played the role of steel in the paintings: “The blow bottle,” “gaping graves”, “The Alphabet Killer”.
Unexpected colors and novelty character struck work and Eliza Dushku in the horror film in 2009 directed by Steve White’s “A Doll’s House.” The actress played the role of Echo in partnership with Robin Thomas Starr Andreeffom and Allen Cutler.
“A Doll’s House” – an eighth of mnogoizvestnoy franchise “The Amityville Horror” is the best part of this day. The plot revived the franchise, making a brand new scary story on the old bones, which became more terrible. Stunning effects, talented actors and their colorful characters pulled the film on a very high level, despite the typical story, “the family moved to the damn house.” But once in a doll house lights go – horrors began: blood ran in the veins of the audience, his eyes wide open in anticipation of a terrible effect on the screen, which was quite justified.
In addition to the roles played by Eliza Dushku starred in the music video “I’m Just a Kid” punk band “Simple Plan” and in 1997, the voice of the animated film “King of the Hill.”
And in the film of 2008 “The Alphabet Killer” and the horror film of 2009, “A Doll’s House” Eliza Dushku, in addition to his roles, acted as producer.
Personal life
Eliza Dushku loved to learn different dance and yoga. She sang beautifully and her musical tastes are extremely varied, and included both Lauryn Hill and “Metallica”.
Eliza Dushku always liked guys who could make Dushku laugh, and yet she appreciated them intelligence.
Interesting Facts
Role of Faith in the series “Buffy” was the first role of Eliza Dushku after graduation.
Eliza Dushku is good singing, dancing and studying various practices yoga.
When Eliza Dushku was 15 years old, she lit a cigarette for the role. Then the actress got rid of this dependence, but getting a role in the film, De Niro is lit again.

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