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Elisha Cuthbert (full name is Elisha Ann Cuthbert) – Canadian actress and model, born on November 30, 1982 in Calgary. The girl’s father – Kevin Cuthbert – the designer-designer of automotive engineering, the mother – Patricia Cuthbert – housewife. Yet she has a younger brother, Jonathan, and younger sister – Ann Lee. As soon as the children grew up, the family moved to Greenfield Park, a suburb of Montreal.
first role
Artistic Elisha Cuthbert, biography which then opened its first page, has become a model at age 9. Her mother, using his many acquaintances, arranged for the girl to a teenage fashion advertising agency. Then the young Cuthbert invited on television to participate in the children’s show light horror “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, Where she played bit parts. After a while, Elisha, thanks to its external data, and acting talent, has become a regular member of the show. In another project, “Popular Mechanics for Kids” at the Montreal television girl acted as lead.
Elisha and Hillary Clinton
Elisha Cuthbert, height, weight, and shape parameters are ideally suited for the youth series, was seen, and it was invited to larger television projects. One young actress saw on the screen the first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and agreed to meet with her. She invited Elisha to the White House and gave her a kind of tour of the residence of the US President. Bill Clinton at that time was not in Washington, and the famous Oval Office was closed, but Cuthbert was all equally ecstatic, especially by exploring the cat Sox.
The debut in cinema
Film debut in Cuthbert took place in 1997 in the film of the Canadian director Keith Hood “Dancing on the Moon”, where she played Sarah, Actress. Then, the young actress has played in several low-budget films, the most notable of which was the thriller “Airspeed” director Robert Tinnella. Cuthbert’s character – a private jet passenger affected by a lightning strike and distress. All pilots unconscious, Nicole Stone (the name of the girl) is associated with the terrestrial services on a mobile phone.
First Prize
In 2001, Elisha Cuthbert, filmography that already contains one picture, starred in the TV movie “Happy Girl” on-honors pupil schoolgirl Kathleen Palmerston, who had drawn imperceptibly in gambling card games. It all started at a party in honor of a friend’s birthday. Kathleen needs money for a trip to Europe, and she sits down to play poker. For this role, Elisha Cuthbert movie won the Academy of Canadian television and “Gemini”, which is a direct analogue of the “Emmy” American award.
At some point, the actress became close in Canadian cinema format, and she decided to move to Hollywood to pursue a career there. The move took place in mid-2001, and Cuthbert on arrival in Los Angeles once auditioned to participate in large-scale TV series “24 hours”. The actress won the role of Kim Bauer, daughter of Jack Bauer, the FBI agent. The series was shot in the genre of political thriller and consisted of eight seasons, each of which includes 24 episodes.
The big movie Elisha Cuthbert began to appear immediately. The first disappointment she had experienced when the role of Mary Jane in the superhero movie “Spider-Man” went not to her, but the actress Kirsten Dunst. For lack of a better Elisha agreed to two minor roles in “Love Actually” director Richard Curtis and “Old School” directed by Todd Phillips. In the first picture she played Carol Anne, and in the second Darcy Goldberg.
Star role
His first major role Cuthbert played in the 2004 movie “Girl Next Door” director Luke Greenfield. This role could be called a star, if not the movie theme – it tells the story of Daniel Clark porn actress, and the specificity of this genre is usually accompanied by a cautious public. While Elisha long hesitated before agreeing to the role of Daniel, but still the main role in the film – this is the main role, no matter what the character was played. And Cuthbert gave their consent. Experience was not, it had to even talk about the intricacies of this art with professional porn actresses.
The variety of roles
In 2005, it was filmed horror film “House of Wax” director Jaume Serra Kolet with Cuthbert. It was the second major role in her career, which is not required to participate in pornographic scenes, but was associated with a considerable nervous tension. Her character Carly Jones and had to run away from the cruel persecutors, and most kill. Critics in the discussion of the film did not spare neither the director nor the actors, but the game Cuthbert noted the positive feedback. Elisha Cuthbert, whose filmography supplemented by another picture, publicly thanked the critics.
“Golden Raspberry”
The following year, she played another major role – in the film “Soul Silence” directed by Jamie Babbitt. Painting with byuzhdetom 900 thousand dollars was shot in the genre of thriller and drama went unnoticed at the box office. And the horror film was shot in a year, “Abduction” with Cuthbert in the lead role. Directed by Roland Joffe I tried to create a psychological atmosphere in the film delights, but that he did not work – the film remained a thriller with a set of rough steps. Cuthbert won the award for his role “Golden Raspberry” as the worst actress. However, Elisha Cuthbert, whose photos have begun to appear in glossy magazines, do not upset. Another film of 2007 called “He Was a Quiet Man” was filmed director Frank Capello. Elisha played the lead female role, Vanessa, serving a traditional office. The plot revolves around “demure” Bob Makonel, nondescript employee who ordered about all and sundry. Driven to despair, he brings to the job a pistol to shoot his attackers. However, it is ahead of some maniac that runs from the street and began firing at those present. Bob kills him out of his gun and becomes gerom. His further fate of the former loser connects with Vanessa.
Elisha Cuthbert, whose filmography includes 16 feature-length films and seven television series, is full of creative plans for the future. Preference actress gives easy entertaining subjects that are most consistent with its role.
Movies with Elisha Cuthbert, the list:
Year 1997 – “Dancing on the Moon”, directed by Keith Hood / Sarah.
Year 1998 – “Nico-Unicorn,” directed by Campbell / Carolyn Price.
Year 1998 – “Airspeed”, directed by Robert Tinnell / Nicole Stone.
Year 1999 – “Time is above all”, directed by Jim Kaufman / Susan Shouson. Year 2000 – “Tradition”, directed by Robert Tinnell / Catherine Winslow.
Year 2000 – “Advisor to the President,” directed by Eric Chempnella / Madison Osgood. Year 2001 – “Happy Girl”, directed by John Fawcett / Kathleen Palmertson. Year 2003 – “Real Love”, directed by Richard Curtis / Carol-Ann.
Year 2003 – “Old School” director Tedd Phillips / Darcy Goldberg.
Year 2004 – “neighbor”, directed by Luke Greenfield / Daniel. Year 2005 – “House of Wax,” director Jaume Serra Kolet / Carly Jones.
Year 2006 – “Soul of Silence”, directed by Jamie Babbit / Nina Deer.
Year 2007 – “Abduction”, directed by Roland Joffé / Jennifer Three.
Year 2007 – “Mean Girls,” directed by Ian Samuel / Joan Roark.
Year 2009 – “The Six Wives of Henry Lefay,” director Howard Gould / Barbara.
Year 2012 – “Dark Void Star”, directed by Matthew Fugerus / Amy Harris.
Personal life
Life actress is closely associated with hockey, it is some time met with the player Los Angeles Kings, forward Sean Avery, and in July 2013 she married hockey player Dion Phaneuf, who was familiar with since 1997. With its spectacular appearance, Cuthbert regularly features in lists of the greatest beauties and the sexiest of the fair sex on the version of Maxim magazine. At one time, the actress appeared in the tabloids completely naked, but at the moment she gave up the practice, citing its decision the desire to “at least something to keep to yourself.”

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