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Edward Asner is a famous American actor of film, television, theater and music. He was born on 15 November 1929 in Kansas city, Missouri. Soon his family moved to Kansas, in the city of Kansas city, where the childhood of the boy. His parents, Orthodox Jews, had a very modest income. However, Eneru failed out of high school to enroll at the University of Chicago. After his graduation, Edward enlisted in the U.S. army signal corps stationed in Europe. Here was opened the acting talent of the young man – he was actively involved in the army’s “initiative”, touring with performances at military units. After the service Asner decided to become an actor. In Chicago he played in the Playwrights Theatre Company, then moved to New York, where he performed on Broadway. His first notable work on stage was the role of Jonathan the Jeremiah of Eczema in “Threepenny Opera” that opened the way for Edward to be on television. He first starred in small roles in such TV series as “Invaders” and “Mission impossible”. [read more] the Most famous along Asner became Lou Grant, who first appeared in “Show Mary Tyler Moore” in 1970, and then was awarded a separate series, “Lou Grant” (1977). The hour series had a character from a Comedy in the dramatic world. It is interesting that for the first and for the second option Edward was awarded the “Emmy” as the best comic, and best dramatic role. In addition, the actor starred in the television series “Studio 60 on the sunset street”, “thunder Alley” and “Roots”, the television series “Rich man, poor man” (Axel Jordache), “Papa Giovanni – Joannes XXIII” (Pope). During his career Edward has voiced a number of animated films, including “spider-Man” (J. Jonah Jameson), “Batman” (Roland Daggett), Up (Carl Fredricksen). He also acted as the narrator in many documentary films. In 1981 – 1985 Asner was President of the American screen actors Guild. In 2003, he was inducted into the Hall of fame of television arts and Sciences. It is also known as one of the most active politicians advocating for peace and democracy in the world. This actor explains that, despite the rabid popularity of the TV series “Lou Grant” guide CBS in 1982 he decided to shut it down.

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