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Dylan Sprouse is an American actor. Most often removed with his twin brother Cole.

short biography
Born on August 4, 1992 in the Italian city of Arezzo, in a family of English teachers. Dylan and Cole’s grandmother was an actress who taught drama. Children grew up in America with their father.

For the first time Sprouse appeared on the screens in the role of a baby (which he was) in advertising diapers. After this acting debut, he began to act in films. In many ways, his successful career, which began at 6 months, Cole and Dylan owe an energetic grandmother, who wanted to realize her ambitions with the help of her grandchildren. The twins were very much in demand: the fact is that American law strictly limits the time that a child can devote to work, and therefore they take turns replacing each other in the same role.

In the famous American TV series Grace on Fire, Dylan and Cole played the son of a key heroine. In the film “Big Dad” (1999) Sprouce performed Julian, a little boy, who unexpectedly remains in the care of the hero Adam Sandler. However, the real success of the young actors came after the series “All type-top, or the life of Zach and Cody.” The audience loved the main characters so much that the project was extended for two seasons. But this was not enough for the public: in 2005, a sequel was released under the title “All type-top, or Life aboard”. In the role of the mischievous twins Zack and Cody, the brothers also performed in other films: for example, in the TV series Hannah Montana, starring Miley Cyrus.

In 2007, Dylan played Tom Kenti in the modern interpretation of the Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. Now Tom is a poor boy who dreams of becoming an actor and, like two peas in a pod, looks like the arrogant and arrogant Eddie Tudor, the star of the screens.

In 2010, Sprouse applied to New York University, but because of the tight shooting schedule, studies had to be postponed for a year. As a result, the brothers went to college, which allows students to draw up a program for themselves. Dylan chose an art course for creating and designing video games.

In the wake of their popularity, the twins registered their own trademark. Until 2008, they produced a line of clothing. In America, also sold books written based on the series, which were filmed brothers. Despite the young age of Dylan, his filmography has more than thirty roles. Of course, he mostly plays in comedies and youth films, but his track record also includes dramas and action films. For example, in 2005, the actor was noted in the role of Little John in the crime tape “Especially Dangerous”.

Dylan lives with his father and brother, brings up a bulldog named Bubba.

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