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A former model and an outstanding athlete in College, actor Dylan Bruno made a name for himself in the late 90s – early 2000s with a list-starring in such art films as “Saving private Ryan” (“Saving Private Ryan”, 1998) and “the one” (“The One”, 2001). On television he was offered a more substantial role in “movies of the week”, such as “The Pennsylvania Miners Story” (2002), but a large audience he earned as a reckless FBI agent Colby grander in action-drama “Num3ers” (CBS, 2005). Impressive voice made Bruno could not be better suitable for scoring commercials and documentary films. In 2001 and 2004. he became the producer of several independent feature films.
Dylan Bruno was born on 6 Sep 1972 in Milford (Connecticut). He came from an acting family – brother Chris has earned a reputation for shooting the TV series “the Dead zone” (“The Dead Zone”, 2002), father – Scott – had a few small kinsaku in the 70’s. the Years of Bruno in high school was illuminated by athletic success – he was a wrestler at national level and participated in the youth Olympic games. After finishing school he attended the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), who graduated with a degree in environmental engineering and continued to improve his physical skills in the position of Leinbach football team of the Institute.
As they say, your deletebot Bruno did in 1989, as a member of the national game show “American Gladiators” (1989-1996), and the first appearance in the modeling business was due to posing for “Calvin Klein”. Actor Bruno made his first appearance in the popular video game “Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom” in 1995. Significant role in military teledrama “When trumpets fade” (“When Trumpets Fade”, 1998) was preceded by a cameo appearance in other films. In the same year he received a supporting role in the epic blockbuster by Steven Spielberg about World war II “Saving private Ryan”. This a sucessful project opened for Bruno a lot of doors in his film career and led to roles in “Carrie 2: the Rage” (“The Rage: Carrie 2”, 1999), where the actor played a rough football player that triggered the revenge of the outcast Emily Burghley; “where the heart is” (“Where the Heart Is”, 2000) – Bruno played camporbiano a young boy who dreams of being a musician who left a pregnant Natalie Portman and starred in a sci-Fi film “the one” (“The One”, 2001). Producer debut he made with the Comedy “Student haze” (“Going Greek,” 2001), playing the student, reluctantly entered into a University fraternity, and then “yet tasted the” taste of the gay life.
More roles of the second plan fell on Bruno with the advent of the new Millennium. Outsider, sowed chaos in the quiet village – so Bruno appeared in the movie “the anarchist pastry book” (“The Anarchist Cookbook”, 2003) and played the role of blaine Mahaha – one of the nine bombers caught for the destruction of mine in a 2002 movie based on real events “The Pennsylvania Miners’ Story” (2002). A small role in an obscure film, “the Big kidnapping Parsons ‘” (“Grand Theft Parsons”), with johnny Knoxville was preceded by the first appearance of the Bruno in the TV series – leading for Brian Grazer and John Stockwell the role in the pilot project of the Fox “The One”. The actor played the role of a Hawaiian who returned home to serve in the police. The series, however, contrary to expectations, did not become popular.
In 2004, Bruno was a time to hear as the speaker of the program “Rides” on the Discovery channel program about the unique cars and their creators. In the following year Bruno was replaced Sabrina Lloyd, becoming a member of the team, FBI agent don Epps (Rob morrow) in the hit show, Ridley and Tony Scott’s “Numb3rs”. Former soldier Colby Granger received the lion’s share of the fighting scenes in the series, although in the third and final season, the character of Bruno has undergone an intriguing twist of fate, when suddenly it turned out that he was a Chinese spy. Duplicitous Granger rejoined the team when it became clear that his treacherous past was nothing more than a cunning Ruse invented by the authorities that the agent was able to untangle the intrigues.
After the start of filming of “Numb3rs”, Bruno provides his voice for the advertising campaigns of several notable companies, such as “Coors” and “Sony” and working as a special correspondent of the program “Entertainment Tonight” (CBS). Bruno’s brother and starred in the “Dead zone”, and then all the actor’s family, including his father, appeared in the film brothers “Entertainment Tonight” (2007).
In 2006 the actor made time in your busy schedule to accomplish marriage with Emmeli Hultquist. The ceremony was held in Sweden, and a year later the couple had a son-the firstborn son Damian.

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