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Dustin Lee Hoffman – American actor, director, producer, winner of two “Oscars”, six “Golden Globe”, a BAFTA three awards, “Cesar” and “Golden Bear” at Berlin Film Festival lifetime achievement in the field of world cinema. The grand success and fame for his work in the drama “Rain Man” and “Chambers vs. Kramer.” Hoffman is also known as a performer of countless negative roles. However, Hoffman possible in any case are not limited role of “bad guy” – is a multi-faceted, diverse, and at times unrecognizable actor.
Born on August 8, 1937 a family of Jewish immigrants from the Russian and Romanian roots. Hoffman’s mother was a jazz pianist, his father tried to work in different fields: he was an agent for the sale of furniture, trying to open his own business, he worked as an assistant art director, set designer and prop Columbia Pictures. Largely cooperation with the father of the world famous film studio planted in his head a little Dustin thought about acting career – every night he heard retellings of Hollywood tales. In addition, cinema has been linked yet and his older brother, Ronald: He earned an extra in the film “Mr. Smith Goes Washington.”
The first appearance on the stage for future stars took the stage at the school theater, staged on the novel by Charles Dickens. However, for a bold improvisation during performance Dustin was expelled from school. Following high school, Hoffman became interested in music and even wanted to become a professional pianist, despite the fact that he could play just one song. But fate decreed otherwise, and eventually he was more interested in acting, for which Dustin threw the Los Angeles Conservatory.
Having entered the Pasadena Playhouse, Hoffman realized that far behind other students in many ways. However, hard work and desire to please the girls overcame shyness and complexes. As a famous actor admitted: “The first time I kissed you would not believe, in the class where the job was to take her into his arms and kiss her on the lips.” At the Pasadena Playhouse young actor was invited to play in the formulation of Arthur Miller’s “View from the Bridge”, considering it a worthy candidate for the role. But after the premiere of debutant director said: “I’m telling you, the guy is in you something to eat. In fact, to understand the people and it will take a long time. But you’ll get his. How fast? I think you will knock 30, when it will happen. ” Feeling that it was a complete failure, Hoffman decided to try his luck in New York.
Here he tried four times to enter the “Actors Studio” Lee Strasberg, and only a few months after the last failure called him and said that he was adopted. Strasberg, who worked with idols such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, George C. Scott, personally helped Hoffman, and together with him and his classmates Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman to take the first steps. Along with learning Dustin worked – first as an assistant psychiatrist, then a machinist edition, then the seller of toys and theater cloakroom. Last place of work, he used to observe the actors – during performances he managed to slip unnoticed into the hall.
New York life has changed Hoffman: from insecure and clumsy kid, he turned into a handsome man, who did not know the lack of female attention. The next stage of his life began to Broadway. Having received the diploma “Actors Studio”, the actor took up the role in the play “Journey to the fifth horse”, and this work has earned him first prize in life. Following are a few successful role, formed the reputation of a great actor.
On the silver screen Hoffman first appeared in 1966 – it was sorokapyatisekundny episode in the comedy “Out Tiger,” where Dustin appeared in the image of hippies. Despite the fact that his name was listed in the credits only on the 19th row, Hoffman was not discouraged by continuing to shoot. The first major role he managed to get in the low-budget Italian-Spanish comedy “Million Mezhigana”, where he replaced the refused to shoot George Raft.
Then things went uphill: young Mike Nichols saw Hoffman and invited in the comedy drama “The Graduate” based on the novel by Charles Webb. Despite the pessimism Dustin, who was not sure he could handle the role, the film was a huge success. Hoffman received a BAFTA, “Golden Globe” and was first nominated for the “Oscar”. Following this triumph was followed by another – the role of speculator in the drama “Midnight Cowboy,” which the actor starred with Jon Voight.
Further more. With breakneck speed Hoffman gained star status and became a high demand. “Little Big Man,” “Straw Dogs,” “Lenny” – acting luck followed one after another.
Hoffman also dabbled as a director and podyusera working on the painting “probationary period”, however, it turned out to be so self-critical that otsmotrev footage, refused to continue working.
left “Kramer vs. Kramer” in theaters – In 1979, Dustin Hoffman star shone even brighter. The film was nominated for various awards 50 times, winning 35 times. Hoffman got himself first “Oscar”. He also was named best actor in the opinion of the Association of foreign plays and two film critics organizations. Following was the legendary painting “Tootsie,” which Hoffman appeared in an unexpected way – and again awaited project a resounding success: the film came into the hundred of the best American films of the past 100 years, according to AFI. But the following work, “Ishtar” was an unexpected failure and trzhdy was nominated for the “Golden Raspberry”. However, it was only a frivolous fall before a grand take-off: in 1988 released “Rain Man.”
Since the 90s Hoffman appeared on the screen in the visible, but not prominent tapes, “Dick Tracy,” “Billy Bathgate,” “Hook,” “epidemic”, “Sleepers”. Perhaps the most striking work of this period was the black comedy “Wag the Dog.” In the last decade, including films with the participation Hoffman – “Finding Neverland,” “Meet the Fockers,” “Perfume: The Story thereof killer.” Nomination for the “Golden Globe” brought the actor in the drama “Last Chance Harvey.”
Today, Hoffman has been dubbing animated films (all of the “Kung Fu Panda”), acted in television projects ( “Fart” series). In 2012, screens out the melodrama “Quartet” where Dustin Hoffman acted as director. The film was warmly received by the public.
Hoffman has been married twice, had six children, including adoptive daughter of his first wife, ballerina Anne Björn.

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