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Durian tsibetinovy – tropical tree of the family Malvaceae, whose fruit – fruit is famous both for its taste and smell. The name durian comes from Malaysia from the word duri (thorn) with the suffix -an. In Malaysia, you can find more than 30 varieties of plants, 9 of which are edible. Each variety of durian different taste and aroma.
Durian grows in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia, it is often grown on the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia, rare in South India, on the island of Sri Lanka, in the south of Thailand, Indochina and southern Philippines (kalorizator). View also cultivated in East Africa, is very rare in Latin and South America.
What durian fruit
Durian flowers are large, have a heavy sour smell. Nectar and pollen durian eating bats, and they pollinate the plant.
Durian fruit has a spherical shape and grow on the trunks or branches. They reach a diameter of 30 cm and a weight of more than 5 kg, have a very solid shell covered with spines.
The color of the fruit shell green-brown, flesh – yellow-red. Inside the fruit of five slots, each of which is one brilliant seed size from 2 to 6 cm, having a color from pale yellow to reddish brown. The seed is surrounded by a thick krovelkoy (Aril), which has the consistency of pudding and color from cream to dark yellow. This edible Aril has a sweet nut-cheese flavor and not incomparable flavor. Ripe fruit has a unique, very meticulous, sweet, putrid smell.
Calorie durian
Durian enough calories and contains 147 calories per 100 grams of product.
The composition and useful properties of durian
The uniqueness of this fruit is that it contains large amounts of organic sulfur. It is because of volatile sulfur compounds of this exotic fruit has an unpleasant odor. Durian – the world’s only edible fruit, which contains organic sulfur.
The characteristic unpleasant smell of durian caused by the presence in it of indole – a chemical compound with an unpleasant odor, which, however, with a strong dilution gives a delicate jasmine note. Indole is very bactericidal and very useful, so eating durian food helps patients return to health of humans and animals.
Using durian in cooking
The specific properties of durian have not prevented this fruit to take its rightful place in the kitchen. From it you can cook a lot of delicious dishes, for example, aromatic milkshakes and a great ice cream.
For Southeast Asia, the durian fruit is characterized by the use as a basis for the preparation of dried fruits (calorizator). And not just flesh is dried and made a kind of paste. In this condition the fruit may be stored for a long time, and the taste and beneficial properties durian remain unchanged.
In Thailand, for example, one of the most popular desserts is Khao Ka Tu We Turia, which can be found in all the roadside cafes and eateries. This dish is a dish of sticky rice, which is abundantly watered coconut syrup, sweetened with sugarcane juice and flavored with slices of fresh fruit durian.
One of the favorite treats is the Malay durianovy Dodolev. Despite the fact that Malaysia is a dish called cake, in fact it is a delicious, slightly viscous, frozen baked mass, consisting of durian flesh, glutinous rice, palm sugar and coconut milk.
Myths about durian
Durian has a horrible smell. It is not true. Durian has a specific and relatively strong hapah, however, it can be called unusual than bad.
Durian has a disgusting taste. This is also not true. Not all taste like the first time, but if you are persistent and decide to try it again, you may become a fan of durian. Its taste is pleasant, but the unusual consistency scares many.
Durian can not bring into the premises and on board aircraft. It’s true. The smell of durian is very persistent and bad weathers, even in the refrigerator, if to put durian, all the product absorb the smell.
Durian can not be combined with alcohol. It’s true. Desirable to combine it with alcohol from the high content in it of various active enzymes. This can lead to an increase in temperature and, even with unpredictable consequences.
Durian is an aphrodisiac. It’s true. Durian is a strong aphrodisiac not only for men but also for women.

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