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Dumbo Octopus

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Grimpoteuthis, or octopus Dumbo – deep-sea octopus, found at depths exceeding 7000 m Very rare wildlife species..
Grimpoteuthis (Dumbo octopus) – deep-sea octopus Dumbo can grow to a decent size. The biggest described specimens reach 180 cm. Length of the body, but scientists believe that such giants exception to the rule, and the average size of an adult grimpoteutisa is 20-30 cm.
Total in nature are known and described 14 species of octopus, united in the genus Grimpoteuthis. For this kind of characteristic processes of growing in the upper part of the body octopus. These processes, sometimes called fins appear to help the animal to coordinate the direction of movement, but their exact purpose is not fully elucidated.
Watch Dumbo in vivo, for obvious reasons, it is not possible, therefore, about the habits of the animal is known not so much. Most scientists agree on the idea that the octopus hovering above the bottom (with the help of “fin-shoots”) in search of worms, crustaceans and molluscs, which make up the main diet grimpoteutisa power. Dumbo catch prey is swallowed whole, unlike other octopuses that live closer to the surface.
animal color can vary, like other octopuses Dumbo but can still make your skin clear, becoming virtually invisible. Males and females caught grimpoteutisov give some idea of reproduction. Opening several females showed that the eggs are found in most of them. All studied specimens eggs are in various stages of development, so oceanographers are inclined to believe that Dumbo breed year-round, without a definite seasonal preferences.
Males are distinguished by the presence of one Grimpoteuthis larger tentacles. It is believed that the tentacles plays an important role in reproduction, transferring sperm in the female body.

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