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Dr. Dre – Biography
This is a great producer, when he hath lighted new stars more than anyone in the history of hip-hop. It is to him we say thank you for the departure from the politicking Public Enemy and Boogie DownProduction and by monosyllables and vapidity “old school”. And after 6 years after his famous “Chronicle” has revolutionized the sound of West Coast and to some extent changed the whole world reppersky, Dre returns with the album “Chronic’s 2”, enveloped in an aura of great mystery. Andre Young (Andre Young and Dr. Dre) born February 18, 1965 and grew up in Compton, which some consider an independent administrative unit, but generally it is like another Los Angeles area. Grown and nurtured by his mother and grandmother, Andre loved basketball and was nicknamed (by which all know him) because of his basketball idol has always been renowned centerline Dr. J. Musical preferences of his mother (James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Funkadelic Parlament) is clearly influenced Dre and the teenager decided to devote all his spare time music, earning a DJ at school and club parties.

In 16 years, Dre di dzheit in adult clubs, which in other circumstances entrance would he denied, and mixes classic soul compositions for the radio station “K-Day”, and a year later he is taken to work in the famous LA’s club “Eve After Dark “, where it is attached to the hip-hop, and in the tiny studio of the club began to compose his own songs. It is noteworthy that in contrast to the colleagues who have built their records on samples, “Scratch” turntables and drum machines, Dre, as a DJ and rapper, created a background for recitative, playing keyboards, and he was not afraid to sing.

In 1982, after the formation of World Class Wreckin ‘Cru, one of the most famous Los Angeles groups engaged in the electro-funk-dance, Dre becomes their DJ (do not want to deceive you, but proud he was nothing – there were all di -dzheyami). In the studio, “Eve After Dark”, he met with DJ Yella, her future partner on the NWA, and with Lorenzo Williams they write a lot of new demos, among which is the song Dre “Surgery” c chorus: “Calling Dr. Dre to surgery” that with the filing of World Class Wreckin ‘Cru is the first local company to hit Dre.Odnako four DJs it becomes crowded, and Young is looking for outlets for the enormous mass of the songs that he wrote in the first half of the 80s. In parallel, he continues to pursue his “Skateland Parties”, very popular in South Central, one of which he meets a young Aisa Cube and jokingly makes it instead of “My Adidas” sing “My Penis”. Soon Dre first tried his hand as a producer, representing the interests of the CIA, the duo Ice Cube and Sir Jinx.

In 1986, Dre and Cube start writing songs for bands, record label on Eazy-E Ruthless Records, and together with the Easy form the first part of N.W.A. Trio performs for the first time outside Compton opened for Salt-N-Pepa in the hall “Hollywood Palladium” and immediately picks up on the ears sweaty crowd, which no longer had any desire to listen to Salt-N-Pepa.

In 1987, Dre are producing their debut album “N.W.A. And The Posse”, and a year later under his leadership, writes “Straight Outta Compton”, the most underground, rap album of the late ’80s, hung on N.W.A. label “Sex Pistols rap.” Dre producing debut solo album Eazy-E “Eazy-Duz-It”, which diverges two million copies, and dance album of his countrymen J. J. Fad (Hi-Energy was very fashionable then), which goes platinum, followed by Dr. Dre buys luxurious red “Mercedes”. Between concert tours Dre somehow manages to carve out free time, and it distributes its platinum producer talent on the debut album of Dallas rapper D.O.C. superalbom and one of his many girlfriends soul singer MichelTle. Dre becomes a pioneer and innovator in the so-called hip-hop soul (rhythm and blues vocal over the hip-hop bit).

In 1990, his hands and get to Above The Low. After leaving N.W.A. Aisa Cube vocal leader of the group becomes, of course, the author of the majority of Eazy-E text, and music still manages Dre. Two released in 1990-91 platinum records EP “100 Miles And Runnin ‘” and the LP “Efil4zaggin” (inverted phrase “Niggaz4Life”) Dre shine funk inventions, while Izzy stands vulgar comedian in his texts. In late 1991, Dre expresses the intention to leave the N.W.A. and the following year founded Death Row Records with Suge Knight from concluding distribution agreement with Interscope Records. Dre actually left for the same reason as the Cube. He was not satisfied with the financial affairs of the group and on Ruthless Records, which, in his opinion, unreasonably underestimated fees for all eight albums that he produced during the period from 1986 to 1991 (seven of them, incidentally, went platinum, and one gold!). Formally Dre was still obliged to work for the label Easy, but he still gave freedom.

On this point there is a legend that if a good estimate can be a true reflection of the events behind the scenes. Rumor has it that he went to Suge Knight once in Ruthless office in full combat readiness and threatened to kill N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller if he does not prematurely terminate without a contract with Dr. vsyakihuslovy Dre. After leaving Dre was reasonable to assume that the thinning N.W.A. not last long (from the creative team remained alone ambitious Easy and MC Ren and DJ Yella were always just good performers). After departing Dre Isi became slander to say: “Dre – from the formation of those who are called studio gangster”. However, Dre was nearly wiped out these words his unfortunate behavior. Despite what Dr. Dre had a certain influence on the entire West Coast, as a former member of N.W.A., and lived in a luxurious home in the San Fernando Valley, he constantly found himself involved in a minor and major offenses. Thus, the television reporter Dee Barnes filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit to him, saying that in 1991, “Dre threw it against the wall of a Hollywood night club in a fit of mutual incomprehension.”

It was also reported that Dre “was damaged in the jaw of one producer,” for which boomed under long enough to house arrest, and was even arrested by the police, as a direct participant in a noisy showdown that took place in the lobby of a hotel in New Orleans. In addition to all slegontsa tipsy company picnic near his home, he burned his house in fire that killed two firemen. And by the end of the nightmare of 1992 in Dreux everything else shot, and from his legs four bullets were recovered. However, this year was not quite lost to him professionally. After the release of the landmark megaalboma “Chronic” its assessment on the part of Izzy or anyone else was no longer interested. As the saying goes, everybody loves a winner! On the basis of the good old funk of George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic and extreme real texts Dre was possible to deduce the formula of the new style of G-Funk, who fueled gangsta rap to this day.

You will not believe, but as a landmark and revolutionary album, Kojima was “Chronic’s”, was named after a handful of marijuana on the black slang called “Chronicle” (and in my opinion, should be to call people chronicles, it baluyuschihsya). Written by Dre and DOC, which damaged vocal cords in a car accident, “Chronic’s” has sold 8 million copies and 8 months has not left the top ten best albums of the magazine “Billboard” and its real star was the then young Snoop Doggy Dogg, catchy whose voice Dre has entrusted his debut single, “Deep Cover” (which became the basic theme for the soundtrack to the same film Laurence Fishburne), released in spring 1992. It is no secret that the vocal in Dre is not as impressive as, say, its producer, flair ( “I can take a 3-year old child and write him a thing that will be a hit” – Dr. Dre.). Dre discovered Snoop through his talent stepbrother Warren G, and took control of his career repperskuyu. Due to such good purpose Snoop could be heard in the “Chronicle” is not less than the maestro Dre.

In addition to Snoop, in the studio team called The Dogg Pound included future stars of G-Funk, such as Dat Nigga Daz, Rage, Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Warren G, RBX and veteran gangsta rap Buchwick Bill of the Geto Boys. On MTV surprisingly quickly addicted to turn rap music videos, and in 1993-94 singles Dre’s “Nothin ‘But A G’ Thang”, “Dre Day” and “Let Me Ride” beat all records for raskupaemost. Dr. Dre was nominated for “Grammy” in two categories and received the same one statuette for “Let Me Ride” in the category “Best Rap Performance”, while looking face it, deserved more. So on the West Coast got its own emperor. But what about the conflict with Eazy-E? It is reflected in the “Chronicle” in composition “Fuck Wit Dre Day”, where Snoop with Dre say: “We have kept your label, and then we selected you candy and kicked the little boy in the ass”, and then Snoop zaleplivaet latest slap Easy, offering him “to eat a big fat dick”.

All this Easy answers his song “Muthaphukkin ‘Gs”. In the next four years, you could count them on the fingers of trendy hip-hop records that are in varying degrees, have not experienced the influence of G-Funk. Dre helped Snoop record his multi-platinum album “Doggystyle”, which has become one of the best selling debut rap album in history with its 5 million sales, while Snoop was released on bail of $ 1 million after he was accused of murder , he did not commit. “Doggy Dogg World”, a clip to which he took Dre (Doc generally took most of the clips Doggy Dogg) and “Murder Was The Case” from the soundtrack to the eponymous film, the directorial debut of Dr. Dre, have become hits in 1994. A little after Aisa Cube Dre felt cravings for soundtracks, and in 1994-95 with his blessing were recorded soundtracks for the films “Above The Rim” (with this work by his brother Warren G, is recorded on Def Jam, unwound his legendary single “Regulate”) and kyubovskomu “Friday”.

Cooperation with Aysom Cube continues in joint single “Natural Born Killaz” and “Helter Skelter”, then Dre producing hip-hop rhythm and blues Blackstreet, but after the platinum single “Keep Their Heads Ringin ‘”, nominated for the “Grammy “not speshitvypuskat new albums under his own name. However, this does not bother him at all, because all the Death Row camp under his sole control, and friends and competitors continue to copy his style, and only 2Pac goes his own way. Dre him great respect, and itself produces reading on the indisputable hit Shakur’s “California Love”, with the filing of which album 2Pac “All Eyez On Me” spending more than 6 million copies.

However, in the period from 1994 to 1996, Dre has finally introduces the general public with what he did to N.W.A., releasing three albums precast his early songs. “Concrete Roots” (C94) clearly show that in the early 80’s Dre routinely exploited meynstrimny “old-school” and did not have a clearly defined style. “Back N Tha Day” (C96) looked interesting, seasoned with fresh remixes of his previously unreleased stuff (with two completely new things that are written in the mid-90s), but still, in my opinion, they might be interested in only the most ardent fans of Doc . And as for the assembly “First Round Knock Out” very little is known. In early 1996, Dre gets a short period of time on a false case a year ago about the attack on the person and from 10 February to 10 July spends on state prison bunk in Pasadena.

There he rethinks his life and a week after the release of leaving Death Row, claiming that gangsta rap was dead. But already in the first release of his own new label, Aftermath Records, he says, “was there and had a lot to do” ( “Been There, Done That”). On the album “Dr. Dre Presents The Aftermath”, which appears in November (after Dre married), closely connected East and West, feminine and masculine, hip-hop and rhythm and blues, pop and hardcore, old and a new school. New label, new faces, new sounds – that was the new motto of the great producer. C that time Aftermath Records declared itself not only as a forge of new talent (Nowl, Sharief, Miscellaneous, RC, HANDS ON), but also as a spiritual refuge for all the respected veterans King T, RBX and Mel-Man. At the same time Dre continued to produce record the most talented rappers both coasts (Nas, Scarface, FIRM, 2Pac) and gave out one after the other collections of fresh rhythm and blues and hip-hop produktsii.O fate of the Death Row after Suge Knight thundered for 9 years in a place where everything is reduced to entertainment walks, television and gym, and you do not want to remember.

Four years Death Row was a real force, aspiring to become the ‘Motown’ 90s, but it did not work because you can not always imitate the same sounds and thumb the same theme (begun in the “Chronicle”) without risk to annoy everyone and everyone. “The fact that I still could hear was a lot of borrowed my ideas – sadly in dushegovorit Doc -… But I’m not mad I see all this as a compliment Although I’m sure that if I ever get around record “Chronic’s 2″, it will be completely different music. ” Now he writes it, and that it will be for the album, Dre knows only himself. No announcements or interviews on this subject, he still had not returned. We know that, as well as on the track “Ask Yourself A Question” for the new album Karapta, work was carried out in the Los Angeles studio of the monastery under the name “Dre’s Krib”. Will the album in the spring. Will show whether “Chronic’s 2000” the way hip-hop of the XXI century, the future judge. Dre, on the other hand, has ensured that he is working on this future. Maybe he joking, or maybe really works! …

Dre is currently working on his new and most anticipated album of the year, his name was – “Detox”! Recently Dre spent much time in the studio with Eminem ‘om, prodyussiruya his sensational album “The Relapse”. However, the hope that is now recognized by all and loved by Dr. painstakingly conducts work on his brainchild, and soon it will be broken-fed beast with a chain on the shelves! We can only wait, wait and wait for more time!

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