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Dota2 : Warlock

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Demnok Lennik devoted his life to the search for ancient books, which concealed the mysterious spells and forbidden knowledge.
During their search, Demnok faced with various hazards, whether terrifying traps, cursed temples or horrible monsters. Nothing could stop him in search of even a single page of a magical tome.
All the knowledge that Lennik found in his campaigns, he studied and trained new spells. Over time, it became the best magician in Ultimirskoy Academy.
To search for the latest books lost Warlock made in his staff the true spirit of the demon, who once caught in a secret tomb.
At the same time he began to write the Black Grimoire, based on all its knowledge. This book contains the most powerful ancient spell, which are found in dangerous caves, new spells of the Warlock and a description of the most horrible monsters in the world.
Devil slaveholders tied his subordinates via Fatal Bonds. This is not an easy circuit, which prevents escape. The spell binds the souls of the victims, and they begin to feel the pain of any of them.
Only one character in the magic circle, and the spell will not curse and cure. Demnoku took many years to find this is the symbol for the Shadow Word. This spell now works for the benefit of him and his allies as well as enemies plunges into horror.
Whispering arcane spells, warlock shifts space and time, thus slowing down the enemies in the vast space. Unfortunately, Upheaval requires full concentration and the magician becomes completely helpless when using it.
Sometimes Warlock released to freedom captive in Demon’s Staff Chaotic Offering, which destroys everything around.
The more enemies will come under fierce demon, the better, so it is important to collect them all together. For this role it is perfect by Magnus, who will do everything to fight Demnok completed.
Interest in the ancient spell attracts the attention of a deadly enemy Anti-Mage, which, on the contrary, trying to destroy any memory of magic.

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