Dota2 : Vengeful Spirit widescreen for desktop

Dota2 : Vengeful Spirit

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Hero history Vengeful Spirit (Weng)
If you were born in the tribe skayvrasov, we must be ready for anything. For any offense you will be severely retaliate weakness you will be punished.
Shendelzar embodied the best qualities skayvrasov, she was proud and vengeful. There were no signs of trouble, she had a terrible head socket and rule his people. But her younger sister, she wanted to take the throne, so the hired killer, who was supposed to get rid of Shendelzar.
The assassin was able to catch the heiress, but she broke away from the networks, to pay a huge price. She lost her wings. Proud skayvrasy will never submit to the creation of mangled, so Shendelzar made a deal with the goddess Skriok.
To be able to avenge the betrayal, she donated her body to the spirits. Now her shell – a place in the body, which will destroy everything in its path.
Without wings it can not get to a horrible nest, so you need to find someone who would help her get there. The search for such a being very dangerous in a world where constant war and death, but it is necessary for the Vengeful Spirit.
Her ability skayvrasa undergone many changes. Once the weak bundle of energy that is flying the soldiers let the enemies, it turned into a powerful spell Magic Missile. Revenge overtake anyone who makes a mistake and close to Wenge.
Revenge Spirits constantly torn out, and when a Wave of Terror is released, then the enemies of the devil’s blood-curdling scream. Terrified enemies are much weaker in battle, that uses Vengeful Spirit for murder.
When Weng fearlessly rushes into battle, not afraid to die, the allies are inspired endless fury of this girl. Vengeance Aura gives strength to all allies around, forcing the fight much stronger.
Sacrifice yourself for the sake of revenge are not afraid of Wengen. She often uses a reception Nether Swap, to pull out the enemy from a safe place, but the powers and training, so far, is not enough to get to the coveted slot awful. But once she does …
Most people in this world are afraid of so many anger and location in one body, but not a stranger who came from outer space. Morphling enjoys lust to murder the girl. Together, they are capable of much.
The worst enemy for the former skayvrasa can only be true skayvras or another magician. Magic Wenge causes pain and desire for revenge.

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