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Dota2 : Ursa

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Each character in a multiplayer game Dota 2 has certain tactics game. As a rule, these tactics a little, and various experiments are fraught with a loss in the game, so hardly anyone dares to experiment and search for new game designs.
Only one playable character in the Dota 2 boasts plenty of game tactics and at the same time each of them is winning and can lead to victory. That hero is Urza – Giant War Bear with huge and sharp claws. Writing guides to Urse quite difficult, as mentioned above the character has several game tactics, each of which is a win-win. Hyde Urse should begin by listing its advantages and disadvantages.
By Ursa advantages include the fact that the hero is a great increase in strength and agility. In the later stages of the game the hero will not need special artifacts on the number of health or armor. All efforts will be focused on the artifacts, increase the attack and attack speed.
The disadvantages of the hero relates that Ursa is very susceptible to slow down and stun. Actually stunning character leads to its quick death. It is also quite a big disadvantage of the hero is that when properly assembled artifacts it can not be truly useful to his team.
The first ability – Earthshock. Game character has on the ground and causes a shock wave, which slows all enemy heroes and dealing damage. Excellent spell to slow down the prey or escape, if the battle takes unwanted turnover. For more efficient use of the ability of the program can be used maphack.
The second ability – Overpower. This ability is active. With this ability to bear significantly increases the speed of their attack. In just one second, you can make a 6 hits, and it deprives the most of the lives of any of the enemy heroes.
The third ability – Fury Swipes. The ability of passive and she is the main striking force of the bear. With each subsequent such Ursa claws dig deeper into the victim’s body, and it does enormous damage. Total effect lasts for six strokes and then builds up again. Thus, in conjunction with the second ability, you can destroy the enemy heroes in just a few strokes.
Fourth ability – Enrage. Bear gets angry, and deals extra damage to enemies, which depends on the number of lives it.

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