Dota2 : Troll Warlord widescreen for desktop

Dota2 : Troll Warlord

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Many people know who the trolls, but not many, there are many species and each species lives in its own way. Here, for example, trolls marketers themselves are very greedy and they only give a reason, they immediately climb into the fray. Troll, unlike other creatures, bring completely different in their village matriarch. This means that runs the great mother-Elder.
Troll Warlord
In the village are dug for the young males of the cave, where they live up to their adulthood. They’re out there playing, rage, eat and nothing else is not involved, so nothing can. Upon reaching adulthood males driven out of the caves, to live independently. Since they did not know how to do, stumbling in groups and make ourselves a cudgel, a crowd attacked the caravans organized raids and robberies. Gold and jewels, of course, divided and sold. Throughout his life, they took care of, fed and allowed to do what they want. But now that there is no maternal care, they are now on their own. Do not know how, it does not work, and because of this, they became angry and greedy, they complained about everything.
In one of the most distinguished schools of angry, quarrelsome and greedy troll named Dzharakal. He was so greedy that he did not like even their own relatives, and it is a rarity among the trolls. He always teased them, fight with them, but he suffered since he was their fellow, up to one day.
One pack of stray Troll lucky enough to rob a rich caravan, and in a fit of greed Dzharakal took a larger share of the loot. This is not like his brethren, and they decided to punish Dzharakala. Gathered together, they began to beat him, tied up, carried outside the camp and left there. When Dzharakal came to himself, his eyes filled with rage, and he decided to take revenge. He immediately remembered a time when he was also kicked out of the caves and said that he would not survive a day without a den mother.
Troll Warlord
Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, he went to the nearest town. Nothing boded trouble, but a few days later he came back and his hands were not clubs, and sharp as a razor, an ax. In a fit of rage he wielded axes so quickly that it was over a minute later. He cut to pieces by their abusers and ex-fellow, and when all were dead, he looked at his bloody hand and swore an oath that he will now live and fight only for themselves.
The desire to kill at Dzharakala comes first. He does not have any friends, no allies, all that he needs, it’s only two axes. Dzharakal wanders the world, makes raids and killing anyone who gets in his way. It was at this time he earned the nickname Troll Warlord. But now he went to war to pave the way for the victory of their axes over the corpses of enemies. Dzharakal ruthless, he tirelessly repeats that after going to kill all the enemies, he will take over the allies.

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