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Dota2 : Sven

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History Sven
Vigilsky order of knights – this is the place where most of the early years of weak youths make the strongest knights. For many years, children are taught there and live by the rules vigilskogo Code. Anyone who dares to break the rules will be punished. Vigilskaya citadel was located between the villages of savage tribes and the dark shores. The place where all the vegetation is deadly, and mangroves are carnivorous, it is in these places met and fell in love vigilskogo strongest knight of the Order and a girl from a savage tribe.
How to read one of the laws of the Code, vigilskogo Order knight could not enter into any connection with any of the girls who do not belong to the Order. But Knight has broken the law, and at night with a girl. As a result, the girl became pregnant. When the inhabitants of the wild tribe learned that she was pregnant, they expelled her. We had to find lodging for the night, and the girl went to the dark shores through the dangerous thickets, one touch which could kill. When the Knights know what offense committed their brother, violating the sacred code vigilskogo Order, he was recognized as an outcast and executed in front of all the square, but not before the holy knight took with him a couple of enemies. After his death, the sword that was considered sacred, was carried into the sanctuary, along with other artifacts.
On this night, in the dark cave of the coast of a baby boy. Mom called him Sven. Sven was growing up, my mother raised him and told him what his father was – brave, strong, and that he was killed by his brethren. All would be good, but my mother was ill with Sven. For a long time he cared for her, but still she died.
After burying his mother, by Sven I went to Vigilskoy citadel, having decided to become a rookie in school. Of course, he did not tell who was his father. He was accepted and began training. In addition to the physical training was also psychological. They lived on vigilskim laws. Sven Thirteen years spent in school. Then came the day when he had to take an oath, but he did not show up. All rushed to look for him, but never found.
Some time later, a terrible news shocked the Order. It turned out that Sven entered the sanctuary, and stole the sword called Outcast Blade. The fact that the sword was made just for his father, and Sven was the only one who could fight with him. Sven major blow smashed the sacred helmet, which was considered impenetrable, and burnt in the sacred code vigilskom flame. He fled and left the Knights with nothing. Sven went to travel the world. He does not consider himself a thief, he considers himself a knight, but not simple, and rebellious. As soon as the war broke out a new, by Sven immediately I went there to show their true strength.

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