Dota2 : Storm Spirit HD

Dota2 : Storm Spirit

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Away from all the world lies a plateau, right behind whining mountains. It is in this place lives a happy, mischievous and cheerful people. They live mainly from agriculture, growing a variety of plants and vegetables. Always these places differ good climate. The bright sun made them smile in the morning, and the rain – to grow their crops. But the time has come adversity on their land. There was a drought, and there was not one drop of rain to irrigating their lands. Soon people began to die of hunger, because of the lack of water their entire crop was lost. Fear settled in the hearts of these people, but there was one, known to all as Gromokeg Elementalist. He believed that you can return to the village of grandeur and prosperity.
Storm Spirit
What spell did not use only Gromokeg to cause rain, but all his efforts were in vain. There was one only chance – to use a forbidden spell that will cause the spirit of storm named Raydzhin. After all, only he is able to regain prosperity in this land. There was a dark night, Gromokeg waited until all the dust settles, and entered the temple, where the scroll was forbidden spells. Unfolding it, Gromokeg began to read. Suddenly, in the temple began to lightning and strong wind, and in a moment he appeared Raydzhin – Spirit Storm. Gromokeg immediately turned to Raydzhinu with a request to help the village, but instead of helping Raydzhin angry. He was very angry, because of such a trifle called him, and decided to punish him for it all the villagers.
Knocking the door, he departed from the temple and began to destroy the village, turn nasylaya it is a flood, the hurricane. Roofs of houses demolished, and residents carried away tons of water. We had to do something, and Gromokeg decided to sacrifice himself in the name of the village. Even as a child the teacher told him about the secret the sealing spell, which it is useful, but it was deadly. So it’s time, Gromokeg thought, and began to pronounce it, just looking for phrases in the corners of memory.
Storm Spirit
Everything began to subside. The forces began to leave Raydzhina, and he realized that the blame for this bloody Elementalist, so he decided to kill him. With great speed he rushed to Gromokegu, leaving behind a trail of electric. A bright flash lit up the inhabitants and all was quiet. And in the place where stood Gromokeg, they saw a human silhouette that glow in different directions. After a moment he just flew away.
Rumor has it that trying to hone a Raydzhina, Gromokeg teamed up with him in one body. The great divine power and mischievous nature of created a new creature – Strom Spirit. The two entities in one body complement each other perfectly, and proznav that goes the great war of the ancients, they went there to energize everyone who is on their side, and to destroy those who have doubts about their beauty and power.

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