Dota2 : Spirit Breaker HD

Dota2 : Spirit Breaker

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When events in the world began to gain such an extent that could affect the other worlds of parallel universes came their representatives. From one of the world appeared Spirit Breaker.
For your physical body, Baratrum chose a mixture of ape and bull. Bull gave the power, and allow the monkey to show all his speed and agility.
In order not to forget about your true purpose, Spirit Breaker wears a nose ring as a sign of obedience to their true dimension. The spiritual essence of Baratruma can not understand what the obstacles, and the physical body is so powerful, that destroys everything in its path. Charge of Darkness allows you to move through the material world with great speed.
Agility, which went from hero monkey, makes itself felt in every battle. No one has ever seen such a massive warrior, so quickly moved from one enemy to another. Surprised Empowering Haste, allies begin to take his example and themselves begin to accelerate their movement.
The magical energy Greater Bash, which is closed in the chain from Baratruma makes tremendous power from him drop any opponent.
All reality is riddled with secret portals in the world of Spirit Breaker, and only he knows how to use them. Nether Strike allows you to disappear, right from under the nose of the enemy, and the enemy to appear side by side, with the blow will be so unexpected that briefly cut down prey.
Travel speed Baratruma enjoy Lifestealer. Together, these heroes can run around the battlefield, no matter how large it is.
If Spirit Breaker can not attack, neither his strength nor agility will not save him from the revenge of enemies. Pugna is able to display strong opponents out of the game quickly and deal with them.

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