Dota2 : Skywrath Mage Desktop wallpapers

Dota2 : Skywrath Mage

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In his youth, he was friends with Dragonus Shendelzer, heir Ghastly nest. Being from a noble family, the guy had the honor of a place in the royal guard. Therefore, when the time came, the young skayvras plunged into learning.
Unfortunately, he did not notice that his beloved against Shendelzer built plot and could not protect her. When the palace coup, Dragonus dropped out and returned to the nest.
Ascended the throne and younger sister Shendelzer Skywrath Mage, following the oath, I was supposed to protect her. Being a very skillful magician, skillfully skayvras reflect any attack on royals.
It is very difficult to defend the one whom you hate with all my heart, but true Dragonus my duty, to keep the secret in her heart.
Skywrath Mage lives in hope that the legitimate heir to ever return to the eerie jack, but even more, he dreams of returning the physical form Shendelzer. He understands that the only feeling that Vengeful Spirit can feel for him is hatred, and it is even more hurt the soul good Dragonusa.
For the coveted title of the royal magician skayvrasam need to spend a lot of time in the study of ancient magic and knowledge of the laws of nature. Dragonus was a diligent student, so the secret Arcane Bolt he knew the full extent.
Creepy jack is very high, and access to it is not an ordinary mortal is already easy. Numerical royal guards day and night watching his safety, but in order to better protect the palace, it is necessary to prevent any attempts to attack, and for this it is important to cast spells over very long distances. Concussive Shot is able to hit the enemy at a distance, from where the nest is not threatened by enemy spells.
In a spooky jack wear weapons and wield magic are only the most notable skayvrasy, so it is important to disarm anyone who dares to violate this rule. Skywrath Mage Mages defenseless makes using sacred seal Ancient Seal.
Concentrating all his power, Dragonus can create strong energy field that causes enormous damage to enemies. Ancient spell Mystic Flare is the pinnacle of craftsmanship of any royal guard.
If asked to choose any Dragonusu ally, he will choose the Vengeful Spirit, because friendships help the heroes to better understand each other in battle.
The most dangerous opponents for Skywrath Mage has Pugna and Nyx Assassin. They draw strength skayvrasa magic spells against him.

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