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Dota2 : Silencer

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Ancient Order of the mighty mages Aeolus Drayas for seven generations, tried to bring the most powerful magician in the world. Magician, who will be able to easily deal with any opponent.
Nortrom was the one of whom had read the prophecies, the most powerful mage. All his childhood and youth he spent in training among their peers. That’s only for all teaching time Nortrom has not shown any signs of magic, while other children have mastered the magic of fire or flame.
The closer it was to the day of the test, the less he trusted mentors. As a result, they found him incompetent and lost any faith in the elect.
Nortrom himself not his hand, and, on the day of the test, I was in front of their teachers. No one expected what would happen next. One by one, the boy led his opponents, without the aid of magic. He simply drowned magical abilities of his opponents, leaving without a drop of strength.
Then the teachers realized that the prophecy was not talking about the mighty power of magic, and the possibility of making the most powerful and wise wizard completely helpless.
Nortrom received the proud name Silencer and to conquer all those who were wicked in his Order.
Everyone knows that the power of the magician is contained in the manna, which he uses to spell. But any, even the most powerful spell will benefit if his utter at the right time. Curse of the Silent makes cast spells and spend their strength before the fight, otherwise it will pay for it with his life.
Lacking magic spells, Nortrom mastered the combat skill Glaives of Wisdom, the damage from which, over time, becoming stronger. Any opponent, whether mage or knight, feel the power of this particular magician.
Silencer likes to test his opponents, he gives them a choice – to use the spell and self-harm or abstain and be unarmed. Last Word shows that any spell may be the last.
The burden of Nortrome says that he is able to defeat armies of mages. Here it is not lying, it can really crush the whole legion of wizards. Global Silence mutes the ability to not just one, it has, for some time, simply destroy all the magic on the battlefield.
All those who are able to drown out the spells are friends silencers. But Drow Ranger has, in addition, slow, so it will be twice as useful in tandem with Nortromom.
Although the Anti-Mage and Silencer fight against spells, but their paths diverge. Nortrom is the worst enemy of Anti-Magic and he at any time, will try to kill him.

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