Dota2 : Shadow Fiend widescreen wallpapers

Dota2 : Shadow Fiend

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For Shadow Fiend is not enough to kill your opponent, it takes not only the body but also the soul. If you are killed by the hands of the demon, then your soul will remain forever in his captivity.
No one knows what they are to him and what he does with them. But to get to his lair and find out no one had the courage. One thing is for sure, every soul makes Nevermore even stronger.
It is also unknown, with some measurements came this monster. Perhaps he was only a messenger or servant of someone very powerful.
As Nevermore enters the battlefield, the harvest begins. He takes the souls one by one, leaving only lifeless bodies of defeated enemies. To increase the number of souls, the demon uses Shadowraze, which allows you to take more than one soul at a time.
Everyone who died at the hands of Shadow Fiend enters the Necromastery, a kind of hell, but here they have to give their power to the demon as long as one does not dare to release them.
Nevermore necessarily engage in combat to harm. The mere presence makes him feel weak opponents. Presence of the Dark Lord reminds them that their souls will soon become the possession of a dark warrior.
Sometimes he let the demon souls of the will, but only to ensure that they have sown death and fear. For their freedom, they have to pay other innocent souls. Fallen from the Requiem of Souls, are beginning to be the new owner and wait for his release, which may never come.
After the death of the soul as soon as possible try to go back to the other world, or reborn. Dark Hole by Enigma will detain them until Nevermore completes the collection.
But not everyone is ready to move farewell to his soul. Nyx Assassin will take the soul of Shadow Fiend, than allow him to pick up his.

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