Dota2 : Sand King widescreen

Dota2 : Sand King

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Live Sparkling Sands of the desert can tell many interesting stories that are stored in them for centuries. Travelers tell us that in the night howling wind he heard the call of the desert.
Also, the desert holds many secrets that need to be protected from enemies. Therefore, sand breathed life into the ancient armor and gave her magical powers.
From the very heart of the desert came Kriksalis, strong and mighty scorpion, which will protect the sands from anyone who dares to disturb his rest.
It is called the Sand King, and for good reason, because a piece of the desert that gave him life, always with him.
Kriksalis smart enough to not engage in open battle with a lot of opponents. More often than not, he sits buried in the sand and waiting for the right moment to attack. With lightning speed to the scorpion breaks Burrowstrike enemy and inflicts a blow.
Sand storm Sand King mistaken for a sign of discontent. If someone broke the calm of the desert, the fury of Sand Storm is fatal to travelers.
They say that poison, which is trailing Kriksalisa can cure any disease, if the handle properly. But if Caustic Finale enters the bloodstream, the body just breaks into small pieces.
If someone manages to survive a sandstorm, it is able to survive the Epicenter not, almost no one. Tremors huge force diverge on the surface, bringing death and destruction.
When the enemy starts to tighten the black hole Enigma, the Kriksalis can easily finish all the enemies of the earthquake.
Enemies in the sand King very much. Anyone who is able to interrupt the sand storm or earthquake, is a deadly adversary Kriksalisa.

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