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Dota2 : Rubick

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The title of the magician – the most cherished wish of anyone who is engaged in magic. Only the most experienced and talented wizards can have a strong enough spells for this title.
Rubick never tried to break into the circle of magicians, it was enough that he has. So it was only as long as it did not try to kill again.
Previously, all these assassination amused wizard, dispersed in his blood, but now, he coped with twelve murderers without any problems. To throw a challenge, he announced what he wants to kill this magician. He did not know that the call is one – it is a challenge to all.
Each mage spell was filled with great energy and skill they have honed over decades. Magee thought that Rubik killed during the first attack, but the wizard was not as simple as it seemed.
He managed to turn the power of magicians against them. He managed to copy spells wizards and use them against other mages. There were rumors of betrayal, no one could believe that this is possible. Magee began to fight against each other, forgetting Rubick.
After a great battle, only Rubik managed to come up with her the winner. He confidently demanded magician title and hidden Board had no option but to proclaim it a great magician.
Rubik often uses Telekinesis, to teach foolish people who decided to test the power of the new magician. Wizard easily lifts into the air and opponents contemptuously throws them away.
A large number of rivals requires a spell that is capable of hitting many targets. Rubick concerts magical energy of its staff and is Fade Bolt. It bounces off a long time opponent to opponent, dealing damage.
Only real mages can protect themselves from spells, but only the great mages can protect their allies. Knowing Null Field allows Rubik take most weak spells from himself and his comrades.
In the vast chaos of battle mages, which began Rubik himself, he learned Spell Steal, and along with this ability, he was able to study the most difficult spells of his opponents.
It just so happens that the best one for Cube – is a stupid opponent, which will “steal” his powerful spell.
Anti-Mage whole life looking for the greatest magician and the meeting will be able to adequately fight with him. If Rubik did not borrow from his opponent, he has little chance to get out of the fight alive.

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