Dota2 : Riki desktop wallpaper

Dota2 : Riki

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History Riki hero
It is hard to imagine, but the assassin comes from a royal family. Ricky did not pretend to the throne, because he was just a middle son, but he did not care. Parents rushed to the other two brothers, and completely forgotten about the inconspicuous Riki. He liked it and from childhood he started coaching stealth skills.
His skill came to such a limit that he has learned to be completely invisible and silent in all conditions. This ability is useful to him, when the palace was attacked by unidentified killers and slaughtered his entire family, but he managed to escape from the watchful eye of strangers.
But he was not going to just let criminals. One after the other, he cut the throat of the majority of the soldiers, who dared to attack his family.
Now he was the sole heir, but the throne, as before, he was not interested. Ricky chose the profession of a hired killer.
Though Riki can remain unnoticed without any cover, but he likes to use smokescreens to knock opponents confused. Smoke Screen helps not only get unnoticed to the enemy, and force him to miss for Ricky, even in centimeters from him.
But sometimes the murderer can not sneak up to the victim or she begins to flee. To each got what he deserved, Ricky learned quickly provided behind the enemy and inflict a mortal blow mentally. Blink Strike allows you to give the victim the hope of salvation, and then overtake the fleeing target.
The most effective blows – a blow in the back, the enemy does not expect that the danger comes from the shadows that can cause a blow out of nowhere. Ricky Backstab talent in their profession assassin.
Mastery of Stealth Rikimaru has developed so much that it is not visible, even when the clear day, to say nothing of the night. Permanent Invisibility gives the hero an advantage for a surprise attack. To catch this killer is very difficult, because a second later, it is not over.
The killers work alone, but sometimes have to fight with your buddy. For Ricky is a great ally of the Shadow Shaman, who will not allow the enemy to use his abilities to avoid punishment.
There are skilled hunters who specialize in the capture of the assassins. Rica to fear a meeting with the Bounty Hunter, because his reticence will not help against this killer.

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