Dota2 : Razor desktop wallpaper

Dota2 : Razor

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The place where the dead decide their fate, is called the narrow maze. Get out of it only by the most intelligent and resourceful, the rest perish in the depths of the abyss.
Above all hovers the walls plexus eternal observer. In his hand electric whip, which he adjusts onlookers. If you do not like Razor soul, he can drive it in the dark and left there forever. If the soul has a desire to escape, the guard will help to find the light.
In any case, Razor gets great pleasure against electric discharge their captives. Many people think that they go to hell, but it’s only the beginning …
It is necessary to prove their superiority over the other, so that no one dared to rebel against the ruler Anderskeypa. Each wave Plasma Field terrifying, killing all thought of disobedience.
Electric whip not only tormented soul, but also reduces its vitality. The longer it is delayed in the maze, the less chance it has for salvation. You can spend eternity under the yoke Static Link, then hell will seem to escape.
If someone would think to go against the guardian of the labyrinth, that any action will be accompanied by a strong discharge Unstable Current.
All the same, rarely occur in the labyrinth of small rebellion against the tyranny overthrown: but he quickly puts them in their place numerous discharges Eye of the Storm. Starting with the weakest, lightning kill all who dare to disobey.
Dark Soul Bane Razor will sow fear. Immersing the enemy in a nightmare, he is allowed to fail enough to make fun of the soul.
Excellent resist splurging can only be one who has no soul. What can the electric executioner stone golem Tiny? His body is not subject to the weakness of mortals.

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