Dota2 : Queen Of Pain full hd wallpapers

Dota2 : Queen Of Pain

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To keep secret their addiction to the pain, the high priest of the people turned to Elsa demonology concluded in underground dungeons. The Emperor could not rely on the mere mortals who can reveal his secret, so to those who call for the succubus, the priest gives freedom.
Dark demonology fulfill the wishes of the Emperor, from the mysterious portal in the world came the essence, which is named Akasha.
No mortal can not compare with her in the art of torture. But that she did not kill the priest, it entered into under the control of ancient runes.
The pain and anguish, which was the high priest, made him forget all their responsibilities. This caused great dissatisfaction among the people, so they rebelled against the emperor and threw him from the tower.
When the runes ceased to operate at the Queen of Pain, she was free to go looking for new victims, which nothing could save her from the wrath.
The victim, struck the poisoned blade Shadow Strike, Akasha brings a real pleasure. The poison slowly disperses throughout the body of the enemy, slowing his movements, allowing to put more and more new wounds.
No one would dare to capture the spirit of a succubus. With Blink Akasha away from any pursuer and instantly punishes him for his impudence.
Harrow one body is not as exciting as mock body and soul simultaneously. Scream Of Pain monstrous cry reaches into the most secluded corners of the soul of the victim and can break the head of the enemy unprepared.
But with the Sonic Wave for the destructive power can not be compared to any one sound. Entire armies fell under the onslaught of Hellscream.
Sadistic Puck attract Queen of Pain, which is not averse to fun with this little dragon. Together, they can break the structure of the enemy and get away with impunity in the blink of an eye.
But what can a genius torture someone who is born in pain? For Bloodseeker any pain is a common phenomenon. Anyone who dares imagines himself above his target will be sacrificed Beskozhim.

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