Dota2 : Outworld Devourer HD pics

Dota2 : Outworld Devourer

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The prophecies say that the arrival of Harbinger will only bring death and suffering. In fact, should not be afraid of the Harbinger, but the evil that I will wake up after it arrives.
That is, it made Outworld Devourer leave his post guards his peace and to come to the call. For many years he was waiting for fulfillment of the prophecy to fulfill his destiny.
Harbinger is much stronger and wiser than any of the creatures of this world, but the evil caused to turn his view of the world and other powerful beings from other universes.
To cope with the superior forces of evil, Outworld Devourer uses his vast knowledge to use force, which is called Magic, in the form of Arcane Orb.
The guard position measurement includes the capture and punishment of those who dared to break the boundaries of the universe. Ancient knowledge Harbinger allow sharpen the enemy in prison astral Astral Imprisonment.
Technology and knowledge of the outside world, from which came the guard, are not subject to the minds of other beings. They are so powerful that they control only the most intelligent beings in the universe are with them. In order to maintain their strength, Outworld Devourer uses ancient crystals to redirect Essence Aura in any world.
In these crystals so it hides a powerful force that, sometimes, it is used for the destruction. It is enough to break only one crystal to destroy most of the lower creatures. Only the mightiest warriors will be able to survive the Sanity’s Eclipse.
When directed against the enemy army forces from different dimensions, then no earthly creature can not survive. Lethal combination of abilities Dark Seer and Outworld Devourer incinerate enemies before they realize what’s happening.
Ancient though we are preparing for the arrival of the Harbinger thousands of years, but considered it evil that will destroy the world. Therefore Nyx Assassin for ages waiting for this character to send it into oblivion.

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