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Dota2 : Oracle

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Healer, Oracle, Nerif – a hero who does not look as menacing as it is in reality. The hero of the new added to the bunker in version 6.78, but whose love and hate, mother and protect, in general, this is a controversial character who makes everyone nervous. At this hero is not weak skills, which give the healing, the invulnerability that will help the team to crush the enemy. The hero is strong, but still, we should not forget about proper control, or you just simply kill you will not be so difficult.
Fortune’s End – Accumulates power Nerif energy beam is a maximum 3 seconds. A bunch of flies in the enemy hero, dealing damage and imposing Purge the area around it. Duration equivalent duration channeling. Purification can also remove your own spells on this hero.
Fate’s Edict – Nerif sanctifies goal, imposing effect which removes the possibility of attack, gives 100% protection from magic, but increases damage taken by 50% of other types of attacks.
Purifying Flames – Burns all the impurities from the target, causing great damage, but the possibility of imposing regenerate within 9 seconds.
False Promise – Temporarily change the fate of the allied hero, delaying receipt of any damage, treatment or recovery until the end of the spell. Allied hero gets invisible and can attack and move without losing it. Removes all debuffs target activation.
At the end of any treatment received during the spell doubles.
All damage and healing are applied only at the end of the spell. The damage can be fatal, and the source of this damage will be the one who struck his hero.
The new hero, new skills, looking at the appearance can not be said that the character could hurt hurt the enemy, but still do not underestimate him. The hero does not look intimidating, but is similar to creep in earlier versions of bunkers or on the mob from the game Warcraft 3 on the mismatch. But if you look, we can understand that it may annoy annoying the enemy is not only the treatment of the Allied team, but not bad damage.

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