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Dota2 : Omniknight

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Hero history Omniknight (Omnic)
Stormbreaker spent his whole life in the Holy Order of the Knights, who are constantly in the Crusades. They fought for the faith, fought for God.
Eventually Gromoboya faith began to weaken. He saw his brothers die, die just like that, without any reasons and without the protection of the Most High.
Hero decided to check the existence of God. I decided to see if his friends were dying in vain. Omniknight went Emaskus, a city where there was a temple of the Most High.
Once there, he challenged the monks of the temple. When the battle began, no one could harm the hero, it as if someone had defended. Then the monks realized that Stormbreaker elected and let him in the temple, in the very room where according to legend, the Almighty. He met the one who founded this church and this belief. Knight realized that he fought and his men did not for a fictitious person, but for real. Though he was not the creator of the world, but now there is what to believe.
He went back to the road, but now it is full of strength, determination and faith.
Faith endowed Omniknight special powers to help in the battle against the unbelievers.
Ancient healing spells monks Purification knight is now used in their fundamentals campaigns. It can not only heal themselves and allies, but also cause damage to enemies. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of energy and constantly in need of Stormbreaker manna.
Spell that prevented the monks from the temple to kill the insolent threshold, now helps him outside Emaskusa. Repel creates a shield that blocks magic and prevents black magicians to violate someone’s faith.
Knight Faith is so vast that allows to weaken the enemy only one presence. Influenced Degen Aura, enemies lose their power, begin to move slowly and cause a mild shock.
The creator of the temple told Omnicom very powerful spell that helps to protect against any physical damage. If the hero will cause Guardian Angelto all allies get accelerated health regeneration. Angel can summon only in very important cases, so rely on him in every battle not worth it.
The wise one – is the best ally. Keeper of the Light Omniknight help reinforce the faith of others, and will replenish mana. The most dangerous opponent of the holy knight is a devil Doom hell. He is able to withdraw from the battle for a long time, and then the knight is doomed to failure.

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