Dota2 : Ogre Magi Backgrounds

Dota2 : Ogre Magi

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It is hard to be found being stupid ogre. The only creatures of instinct – it is eating anything that comes their arm during the famine.
Ogres can not even distinguish their compatriots from the stump or stone. Sometimes, they spend many days in the “fun” of felled trees. Surprisingly, they had not yet died out.
Interestingly, once per generation, including ogres appears headed Ogre Magi. Two heads allow him to have at least some intelligence. These ogres can be called saviors of their people, because they are taken to protect and defend his stupid family.
Aggron Stonbreyk has several abilities that people call magic, but, in fact, this is the usual luck that favors fools.
Languages have always fascinated flame ogres, they can spend hours looking at the dancing flames and very often received burns with curiosity. Ogre Mage learned to extract Fireblast fire and amuse his or her opponents.
Play with fire like all the ogres but came up with a game in which you need to catch the burning core. Stupid, really stupid on their part. But when the Ogre Magi starts playing Ignite an enemy, he has not sweet.
Any ally ogre knows that it is better to run fast, you play with the ogre. Stonbreyk by Bloodlust, it leads not only to run faster, but also attack with greater speed.
Perhaps, ogres do not have great speed, agility and skill, but luck helps them in battle. Multicast raises chances Ogre Magi to win the fight.
When the two heads can not determine who of them use the spell, they can use it alone twice. Unrefined Fireblast only possible if the head, still not agreed.
Ogre, despite his stupidity, like choosing allies in many heroes. It is great distraction while comrades being beaten opponent. Ursa can absolutely kill any enemy with luck Stonbreyka.
Silencer is able to turn the luck ogre, and it will be the usual helpless piece of meat for a formidable opponent.

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