Dota2 : Nyx Assassin widescreen for desktop

Dota2 : Nyx Assassin

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The ancient book stores information about the race, scarab beetles, telepathic abilities which could subdue the strongest minds.
As usual insects, scarabs were divided into castes and submitted to cruel hierarchy. But Nyx Assassin bug was special, his limbs were not designed to work, and pointed for an instant any murder victim. Mind it was stronger than anyone before him, so telepathic abilities can not only control another creature, but also kill one by thought.
He was selected for the ultimate goal – to kill for the sake of the goddess Nyx. Nyx Assassin was anointed extract of the goddess, and then reborn with new features absolutely unprecedented.
A skillful scarab intelligence allows him to use the most sophisticated traps for your enemies. Underground tunnels keep many hidden spikes Impale, which at any moment can hit different kinds of onlookers.
Telepathic abilities Nyx Assassin could bend the minds of the wisest mages. The more resistance they repaired Mana Burn, the more damage received.
Armor scarabs does not differ a great strength, but Nyx Assassin learned to enhance it with a Spiked Carapace. They protect it from any kind of attack and allow the attacker to harm the enemy.
Like any skilled assassin, assassin Knicks have to kill his victim so that she did not feel the danger until the very last moment. After hitting the target with Vendetta just will not be likely to survive, and the scarab served its purpose.
If you choose an ally among ordinary mortals, the scarab chooses Crystal Maiden, because it allows to kill enemies without stopping and resting.
Underwater guard Slardar not let subdue your brain, because it is not very much rely on him, he no longer uses the brute force than intelligence.

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