Dota2 : Night Stalker widescreen wallpapers

Dota2 : Night Stalker

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Myra appeared long before the sky was covered with stars. Therefore, most of the world lived in the darkness, where there were terrible creatures. But after the appearance of the stars, at the first dawn, all the monster disappeared, as if it was not them.
But not all the creatures of darkness lost from the bright light. Strongest Demon Night Stalker survived the night and since then terrifies all the inhabitants of this world.
The most interesting thing that has not been seen, there is no one who would argue that survived the encounter with Balanarom, but even legends make styt blood in his veins.
Nobody would have not been able to tell, because it is impossible to go through a meeting with the devil incarnate. He appears out of the darkness and takes away its victims in an unknown direction, they do not have time to even understand what is happening.
Night Stalker plunges its victims into the true Void is the darkness, so strong, that the enemies are losing vitality and move slowly and carefully.
From Crippling Fear horror victim loses the power of speech and the ability to cast spells, she can only look into the eyes of his death.
Only Balanar able to move without any fear at night. On the contrary his Hunter in the Night helps to quickly move or attack, no one can compete with nocturnal murderer, when at night the courtyard.
They say that the solar eclipse this matter Night Stalker hands. To participate in the battle and go unnoticed, he sends darkness to earth. Unusually look at the knights, whose eyes filled with fear, when it is Darkness.
When the Crystal Maiden begins to freeze all enemies on the battlefield, from the dark shadow appears and kills one after another. Such rumors give rise to fear and fear of the dark.
Though Balanar and is the most frightening creature of the night, but he also has nightmares. It is not known what dreams sends him by Bane, but they are clearly not to his liking.

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