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Dota2 : Necrophos

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Rotund’yer was an ordinary monk, while in this world is not the plague came. Due to illness, most cardinals died as soon as they got up to this position.
Rotund’yer Therefore, as one of the few who have not been infected, he was appointed cardinal. He did not help ordinary infected, unlike their counterparts.
Promising moral and physical healing is rich, he required them to send all their lands to the Order of monks. It remained a secret until the plague has not receded, leaving only small areas with contaminated.
Rotund’yera accused of treason and sent him to look for the remaining patients. Authorities this punishment was not enough, so they are infected with plague monk waiting for true slow and painful death for the heretic.
Unfortunately for them, the monk had an innate immunity to this disease and latent magical abilities. The plague did not kill him, and transformed the look and merged with the magic.
Thus was born Necrophos, a monk who brings death.
Rotund’yer found that the ability to infect and untreated, can be combined. Death Pulse wave diverges from the monk, causing damage to all enemies around the plague, but regenerate allies.
Feeling plague everywhere follows Necrophos, causing the plants to die, the water turned into poison, and the enemy to stop the heart. All living beings runs from Heartstopper Aura, which brings only death and suffering.
The souls of those who fell by the plague, will help the sorcerer continue to sow disease and death. Sadist feeds on the energy of the dead enemies who dare to speak out against the Necromancer.
Plague like death with a scythe mowing down people like grass. Necrophos walk around with a scythe in his hand is the same association. As soon as he sees that the opponent has given up the slack, then it struck a fatal blow Reaper’s Scythe, taking another soul.
Necromancer cause a fatal blow when the enemy is weak enough to take him to the next world. Ally that can instantly reduce the opponent’s health, will look great in a duet with plague sorcerer.
Not everyone likes what Rotund’yer assumed the role of death. For example, Doom completely suppresses any attempt to take away his right to be the chief arbiter of human destinies.

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