Dota2 : Naga Siren Free

Dota2 : Naga Siren

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Neither Draco has no right to lose the battle or not to execute the order. For this, he is expelled from the Order. This is precisely the fate and Slisis – Naga Siren.
When you try, and you have talent, you immediately stands out from all others behind you stretch and you’re them. This was Slisis since childhood. Stopping, she was never afraid of challenges and are always ready to fulfill the objectives facing it. She firmly believed in Slytherin Order and Order reciprocated her. At first she was just a soldier, and then began to take rank higher and higher, using his rare gift – a voice she inspired troops and led them away. But beyond that, she was a first-class soldier.
Naga Siren
Many mysteries of the Order of Slytherin. It was from him she learned a lot for a lot of skills, among them the ability to create mirrored illusions. In those days, when Slisis commanded a battalion of guards Slytherin, they fiercely fought race against the Leviathans. Leviathans then hunted for any treasure that could be sacrificed to their god Melornu.
Bloody wars were for months, but it was just the beginning, until they reached the leviathans Slytherin capital – Cray. It is impossible to express in words what a massacre was then, but then managed to tilt the leviathans Slytherin army from the capital for some time. But ultimately Slisis still managed to gain the upper hand in the battle with the Leviathan, and they fled.
While Slisis celebrated a victory when Kreia revealed that the diamond cup was stolen during the attack. The penalty for a lost treasure – exile. Of the battalion survived only a few soldiers, but it does not solve anything, when you lose your honor and made it. Slisis expelled from the Order and the city. She lost her honor and all that she had, but itself. Serena wants to get back in order, but it can do when the cup will return and honor is restored. In the meantime, she bitterly roams the depths in search of the cup and is ready to kill everyone to get it back. Later, after learning about the war on land, she went there hoping to find there a bowl or learn as much information as possible, which also lost the cup.

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