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Dota2 : Magnus

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Tribe magnotserosov always lived in the dark caves of Mount Yorlak. Anyone who has tried to harm his people, died under the powerful blows of Magnus, the greatest of all magnotserosov.
One ancestor predicted that the tribe should go to the north to escape. Magnus responded to these words a smile. Because there is no such danger from which he had not defended his compatriots.
He did not assume that the danger comes from the mountain itself. The terrible eruption forced the survivors magnotserosov go to the north, and even Magnus obeyed the decision.
Towards the tribe met a detachment of well-armed soldiers. Magnus temper made him and his comrades to join the battle with a superior number of the enemy.
What is known is that none of the tribe did not survive the night. But a lone warrior with a huge horn increasingly appears on the battlefield. He seeks revenge because magnotserosy do not believe in coincidences, and therefore the destruction of his relatives was premeditated.
It is strange that Magnus noticed suspicious activity Yorlak mountains. Even before the eruption of the surface rocks shook off some energy waves. Mighty magnotserosets learned to direct the unrest in the form of Shockwave.
The force with which to attack Magnus, comparable to ten ordinary soldiers. One Empower attack replaces a lot of attacks and can crush opponents rows in seconds.
Any smith or merchant wants to get magnotserosa horn, because it’s hard to find something more robust than natural weapons of the giants. Terrible blow Skewer can split the rock, not to mention the light armored enemies.
Huge masses of lava erupting prompted Magnus way to change matter and space around. Reverse Polarity combines the natural power, magic and science.
It’s hard to come up with an ally, which is better than Sand King. Together they are able to bring retribution to any enemies in his path.
Though Magnus in his battles and hopes only on brute force, but Doom blocks its innate rage and does not manifest itself in combat.

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