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Dota2 : Lycan

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Beynhallou was the son of a noble lord who first spoke out against his king, because his mind was clouded. In pursuit of his country’s desire to seek the governor began to unknown magicians and wizards. Among them there were a lot of charlatans who tried to pull a king more gold.
All of this raises taxes in the country. Refusing to pay huge amounts Ambri House sent to the capital of his army to overthrow the madman.
Unfortunately, the power of the royal soldiers was much more, and all the rebels were killed. Betrayal Ambri king so angry that he ordered the killing of all the inhabitants of the land, leaving only Lord and his son Beynhallou.
To show how much can be cruel betrayal, the king chained Lord and wizards ordered to pay his son a wolf to his own son, sank his teeth into the neck of the traitor.
Magee fulfill the desire of the king, and the boy turned into a wild animal, but his mind remained the same. He did not kill his father, and attacked the guard and tore it into small pieces.
With great difficulty, we managed to protect the king and expel an angry wolf. King decided to finish the job himself and plunged the blade into the chained Lord.
Now Lycan, sole heir Ambri home, wanders the world in search of revenge for his father and his home.
Any wild wolf feels closeness to the spirit of the Face, in whatever form, and he was not ready to follow him into battle. The joint battle against Summon Wolves increases the chances to win against any opponent.
It turns out that not only the wolves howling at the moon. To raise the morale of their allies, it makes a strong cry Beynhallou Howl, which causes the tear to fight even harder.
At the guise of a wolf guy’s got all the animals skills: speed, agility, strength. Wild Instinct Feral Impulse allows you to show all these qualities during the battle.
His curse Shapeshift Lhikan accepted and learned to live with him, but now he turned his whole force against their enemies. Long years of training allowed him to take wolf form when necessary.
Deadly cold Crystal Maiden calms boiling rage Beynhallou, but rather strengthens it, that makes it much more effective to fight, when these characters together.
To go out to fight against the werewolf – the lot of these madmen. But even the wolf will not be able to cope with the enormous power Faceless Void.

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